ProtoTRAK Software Downloads for XYZ Machine Tools / European systems

Please select control type and product model from the following list for ProtoTRAK CNC’s in current production.

For previous models please click here.

Please ensure any USB stick you use to update software is FREE OF VIRUSES.

Our controls are virtually immune to viruses because they have a write protected operating system.  Any changes to the operating system are lost whenever the control is shutdown, so simply re-booting the control will eliminate any virus infection.  However, during software updates, the write protection is temporarily disabled to enable the software update to be saved.  At this point the control is vulnerable to infection by viruses.

So BEFORE updating software:

  1. Remove ALL USB and network connections to the control (remove any floppy disks as well if your control has them)
  2. Shutdown and re-boot the control (to clear any infections)
  3. Virus check the USB stick you are going to use for the software update BEFORE downloading the software, using a reputable, up to date virus checker
  4. Download the software update and re-check for viruses
  5. Update the control software.

After updating software:

  1. Shutdown and re-boot the control.
  2. Reconnect any USB or Network connections.

Thank you


ProtoTRAK ELX Control

Product models:

ELX 1440


ProtoTRAK EMX Control

Product models:

EMX E Mill

EMX 2000

EMX 3000

ProtoTRAK RX Software (RMX, RLX)

Product models:

RMX 2500

RMX 3500

RMX 4000

RMX 5000

RLX 1630

RLX 425

RLX 555

RLX 780

ProtoTRAK KMX Software

Product models:

KMX 1500

KMX 2000



ProtoTRAK SMX Control

Product models:

SMX 1500

SMX 2000

SMX 2500

SMX 3000


SMX 3500

SMX 4000

SMX 5000


ProtoTRAK SLX Control

Product models:

SLX 1630

SLX 355

SLX 425

SLX 555

SLX 555 3 meter


ProtoTRAK PMX Control

Product models:



ProtoTRAK TMX Control

Product models:

ProtoTRAK 2-OP


ProtoTRAK SMX / SLX Verify Software Option


ProtoTRAK OFFLINE for SMX & SLX controls


ProtoTRAK OFFLINE for PMX controls


ProtoTRAK DXF Converter Option


ProtoTRAK Parasolid Converter Option

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