The worlds best controls, from the worlds specialists

ProtoTRAK® and Siemens

At XYZ Machine Tools we know how important it is to have powerful CNC production that remains easy to learn and easy to set up. We pride ourselves on providing only ‘the right machine tool and control for the job’: to do this we have over the past 25 years fitted many of the leading CNC controls but today, after much testing and deliberation we now exclusively fit the ProtoTRAK® control to our Mills and Lathes and the Siemens ShopMill 828D to our VMCs, and the ShopTurn 828D to our Turning Centres.

ProtoTRAK® Controls


ProtoTRAK®s RLX control with its 15.6” touchscreen makes users more efficient and quicker at producing one offs and small batch turned parts. The default settings allowing for your preferred method of machining combined with the options available to select different machining strategies makes using the RLX control a real pleasure. Keeping you in control, every step of the way.

ProtoTRAK® RLX on the Lathe

  • ProtoTRAK® RLX is possibly the simplest CNC control available today.
  • 15.6” touchscreen makes the control simple and intuitive.
  • Gesture control makes controlling the screen quick and easy.
  • Constant Surface Speed control for improved tool life and surface finishes.
  • Electronic handwheels allows Tapers, Radii and Fillets to be produced manually.
  • Enhanced ProtoTRAK® Assistant is your on board help at the touch of the screen.
  • Proturn Lathes are standard with TRAKing® which allows the operator to wind the handwheel and the machine moves through the program. The faster you
    wind the faster it machines. Stop or reverse the  handwheel and the machine does the same.
  • Choice of toolholding, quick change toolpost, 4 station indexer or 8 station turret.
  • Optional DXF software allows program production straight from the drawing.


New Hardware, Faster Feeds, 21 NEW features.


Now with 15.6” touch screen.


Drawing to finished component much faster than before.


It’s no wonder machinists love using the new ProtoTRAK® RMX, you get the automation you need to be efficient, all in an elegant interface that is easy to learn and use. At the same time it provides you with the manual capability that you need for so many things you do in a day. Interact with your components as if they’re there with you in the control. Drag and minipulate like any other touch screen. The perfect blend of machine, CNC and you.

ProtoTRAK® RMX on the Mill

  • ProtoTRAK® RMX CNC integrated into the machine at the factory.
  • TRAKing – control of program run.
  • Programmable Spindle Control.
  • Manual, two or three axis.
  • Real handwheels so you can work manually.
  • DRO mode with power feed, teach and more.
  • Head swivels right and left.
  • Wide saddle.
  • Box ways.
  • Bed support of table and saddle.
  • Low and high gear range.
  • Entire ram moves along the column for rigidity.
  • Ballscrews in the table, saddle and column.
  • Brushless servo motors with .000003” encoder resolution.
  • Quill scale and column ballscrew encoder integrated into one Z dimension.
  • Turcite coating on bearing surfaces to reduce friction.

Siemens Controls

The XYZ range of extra large Lathes is fitted with the more powerful ShopTurn 840D control and the high speed VMC is fitted with the ShopMill 840D control. In our opinion these controls offer the best value for money for the production of low volume and advanced prototyping on a broad range of materials.

All of the Siemens controls fitted by XYZ can be easily programmed without any ‘G coding’ knowledge and progamming can be done off-line, using CAD CAM or other applications of your choice.