ProtoTRAK PMX Software

Current versions in this release:

Software version 4.1.2

DXF version 3.3

Verify version 1.08

Parasolid version 1.07

Note: Downloaded software must be extracted and decompressed before it is installed in the ProtoTRAK.

Note that this download is ONLY for the ProtoTRAK PMX control. Please review all of the following instructions.

Download Instructions

Note: You will need to perform this update from a USB flash drive.

  1. Right click on the Download Button
  2. In the selection window, select Save Target As.
  3. Choose a location to save the file. You may want to create a directory called “ProtoTRAK Downloads” or save the file to your Desktop.
  4. After the download completes, you will have the software saved on your hard drive. Close the download window if it is still open.
  5. The software you have just downloaded is compressed to make it easy to download. See the instructions below “Extracting and installing the software on your ProtoTRAK” to finish the process.     25.6 MB

Download Now


NOTE: In order for the Verify feature to work correctly, your ProtoTRAK PMX computer module needs to have the 2GB compact flash upgrade. If you only have a 1GB compact flash, please contact customer service for assistance with this

Extracting the software onto your USB Flash Drive

For Windows XP, Vista, and 7 users:

  1. Double Click on the file that you’ve just downloaded.
  2. Go up to the top left hand corner of your window, and click on FILE, and then EXTRACT ALL.
  3. An Extraction Wizard window will appear. Click on NEXT.
  4. Underneath where it says “Files will be extracted to this directory:” choose the target path for your USB flash drive (for example if the flash drive is recognized as drive E on your computer, the path will be “E:\”). The files MUST be extracted within the root directory of the flash drive, and not within an existing folder.
  5. Click on the NEXT button. This should start copying all the necessary files to the target drive. Once complete, click on the FINISH button.


Installing onto your ProtoTRAK control

  1. Insert the USB flash drive that includes the software into one of the USB ports of the PMX control.
  2. In the ProtoTRAK software screen, press the MODE button to take you to the main screen.
  4. Press SERV CODES
  5. Press A.
  6. Press CODE 316
  7. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW buttons to select the USB flash drive that contains the ProtoTRAK software, and then press YES to select it.
  8. Press RESUME to start the software update process.
  9. The system will now go through and update itself as necessary. Once the download is finished, it will prompt you to turn the power off, and turn it back on. IMPORTANT – Please wait at least 15 seconds before turning off power. Cycle the power as instructed and it should reboot with the new software version installed on the machine.

Version 4.1.2  release notes:

PMX version 4.1.2

  • Fixed issue with configuration setting USEUAXISINDEX defaulting to 0.  This led to the symptom where either switching to TRAKing would start from the beginning point again, or would result with a fault 165 “servo buffer full”.

Parasolid version 1.0.7

  • Fixed an issue where on some LPM machines, the Windows\schemas folder was not found.  The symptom would have been seeing “PK_ERROR_schema_access_error” when opening an otherwise good parasolid file.

Version 4.1.1 release notes:

  • For EURO machines, changed the default value for ATCRotationTimeInMS from 800 to 850ms.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in version 4.1.0 where prior to an irregular pocket or irregular profile, the system would rapid down to the next Z rapid height before rapiding over in XY.
  • Undid previous fix where during irregular profiles and pockets, in between multiple passes the machine would rapid  up to Z ABS 0 if the RAPID was defined to be less than 0.  This change was the cause of the issue above.

Version 4.1.0 release notes:

  • Fixed a scenario where it was possible to skip passed the AUX 6 indexer event while it was waiting for the ready signal.
  • Fixed several scenarios where the machine would round corners while retracting up and over between events.
  • Fixed some scenarios where running 4th axis gcode would not run at the correct feedrate.
  • Added support for G73 Chip Break cycle in GCD converter.
  • Added Math helps 30 and 31 back to section F.
  • Fixed issue where Return to ABS zero would not work after 4th axis was turned on.
  • Fixed issue where running GCD program, the 4th axis would return to its zero angle when attempting to run a drill cycle (G81 through G86). Note that a G80 is still needed to switch between G0 and a drill cycle, however.
  • Fixed issue where attempting to look at pictures within SETUP mode that are missing would result with the software crashing.
  • Fixed scenario where opening door mid program, switching to TRAKing, and pressing GO would cause subsequent runs to sit there with message “Processing, please wait”, and would never run.
  • Fixed issue where after an advanced bore event, the spindle would not turn back on at the programmed speed.
  • Fixed scenario where if tool change was interrupted by either a fault or by pressing E-Stop, the green unclamp button would no longer work.
  • Adjusted the default tuning for circularity, which will result with most machines having smoother transitions during reversal points.
  • Increased the size of our logging capabilities for code 319.
  • Fixed logic for older style 4th axis units, previous version of software had a delay before clamping & unclamping.
  • Fixed an issue when running large programs, the system would hesitate for a second at every 10,000th block of code.
  • Fixed issue where the PICTURE and NOTES soft keys would not work after a PTG file was opened.
  • Fixed it so that when opening a Tap event from a 2op, there will no longer be any missing prompts.
  • Fixed issue with arrow buttons not working while in some service codes.
  • Also includes all DXF, Parasolid, and Verify option changes that are listed below, as one download.


DXF version 3.3

  • Added the ability to create Drill and Tap events from arc segments. Previously, this was only possible from complete circles.

Parasolid version 1.06

  • Added the ability to create Drill and Tap events from arc segments. Previously, this was only possible from complete circles.
  • Added the ALIGN TO X AXIS feature. This allows you to line up either a flat edge or face parallel to the X axis.
  • Changed the TRANS AXES softkey to read ROTATE 90 DEG.
  • Added the option to allow the user to toggle drill tip compensation. This can be seen when a user has defined a Drill event, is on a Z prompt in the Event screen within the Parasolid option, and then goes into the View Solid screen.

Verify version 1.08

  • Added the ability to verify tool offsets when a GCD program is loaded.
  • When in 2 axis and metric mode, the Z depth in Event Comments will now be verified correctly.