ProtoTRAK RX CNC Software – RMX and RLX

Current versions in this release:

Software version: 2.7.0

Download Instructions

Click on the Download button below, and when prompted, choose to save the file to a temporary location, such as your Windows desktop.

RX_2.7.0.zip     1.26GB



1. Disable your anti-virus software before downloading. (Some anti-virus software may silently omit necessary files, and cause your machine to have unexpected symptoms.)

2. Be sure to delete any previous PT10-SETUP folder from your USB flash drive first.

3. Download the RX_x.x.x.zip file to your computer.

4. Open the newly downloaded zip file to reveal the PT10-Setup folder.

5. Unzip/extract the folder (or drag and drop it) from the zip screen to your USB drive.

6. Navigate to your USB flash drive, and open the PT10-SETUP folder.

7. Double click on ValidateFiles.exe
This will run a quick CRC check to ensure that the download is complete and not corrupt. You should get a confirmation that looks like this:

8. In the event that any of them failed, please retry the steps, making sure to disable your antivirus and deleting any previous instance of PT10-SETUP folder from your USB before proceeding.

9. Take your USB flash drive and plug it into your ProtoTRAK RMX / RLX control.

10. Go to SETUP, SERV CODES and then enter code 316, and press ABS SET.

11. Highlight the drive letter corresponding to your USB flash drive, and then press YES twice to initiate the software update.