ProtoTRAK KMX CNC Software

Current versions in this release:

Software version: 1.2.7

Verify version:1.13


Download Instructions

Click on the Download button below, and when prompted, choose to save the file to a temporary location, such as your Windows desktop.

KMX    44MB

New features in version 1.2.7:

  • Added ability in PROG and PROG I/O to support alphabetic characters in program names


  1. Download the file to your computer.
  2. Unzip the PT11-SETUP folder, and all its contents, directly to your USB flash drive.
  3. Take your USB flash drive and plug it into the KMX pendant.
  4. On the Pendant, press MODE -> SETUP -> SERV CODES -> 316 -> ABS SET, and then press the RESUME soft key to update the software.
    “Note: After updating software, you may wish to load the Euro specific (English) language file. This contains some screen messages which are more useful for the Euro versions of the KMX machines.  To do this:


    1. Copy this file ( to your USB stick; into a folder called KMX MLS FILES,
    2. Insert the USB stick into the KMX and go to SERVICE CODEs,
    3. Run service code 400,
    4. Select the Euro mls file and press UPDATE MLS,
    5. Reboot your control when prompted.”