‘Refresher & Advanced’ ProtoTRAK Training Days

All newcomers to ProtoTRAK immediately experience a boom in production, but we often see even seasoned users writing programs that are much to long or even using calculators.
More often than not this is simply because some of the initial ‘Standard Training’ has been forgotten (all ProtoTRAKs come with optional FREE standard training).

Your time spent on a ‘Refresher/Advanced Training Day’ will save you many more days in the future, even for the experienced ProtoTRAK user.

Join us for your free ‘Refresher & Advanced’ training day. Fill in the Registration form below and pick your day and place.


What the day covers:

  • A.G.E. (Auto Geometry Engine)
    See how to save hours of mathematical calculations when producing profiles and pockets using this powerful function.
  • Repeat.
    Save programming time and reduce inputs when making multiple parts or features.
  • Rotate.
    Benefit from the ability to swing a part or feature around a datum point
  • Mirror
    Make opposite hand parts quicker with less button presses.
  • Spreadsheet editing
    View your program like a spreadsheet and make global changes quickly and easily.

First we’ll ‘refresh’ your original training and then we’ll take you deeper into the control.

  • Irregular pocket function
    Irregular shaped pockets are made so simple with this function and it even allows for tool stepover changes.
  • Pocket with Island
    Give a boundary and draw the island to be left standing inside it. What could be easier?
  • Multiple Fixtures
    We will show you how to set different datums for repetitive or different workparts.
  • Integrating with Cad/Cam
    We can show you how to take the data from a Cad/Cam system and run it on your control.
  • File Management
    Do you only save and open programs on your control? We can introduce you to ways that make your programs more secure by placing them in folders or doing a complete back up to another storage medium.

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