West Midlands and Mid Wales

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Areas Covered:

DY, LD, SA, ST, SY, TF, WS and WV


John Aspinall

Tel: 07481 142495

Email: john.aspinall@xyzmachinetools.com

XYZ Marcin

Where are you from?
Born in Lancashire but lived in Yorkshire (Pink Rose) Moved to Southampton when I was 7 and returned up’t north in 2003.

Employed by XYZ since:

Marital Status:

Been a golfer for 30 years but never seem to get any better at it, looking forward to not hitting it as far so I can find my balls!

Favourite Film:
Has to be Tombstone or Young Guns.

Favourite Song:
Hmmm, tricky one, my music taste is so eclectic, depends on my mood Current favourite has to be The Silence by Manchester Orchestra (check it out) or Samuel Barber Adagio with Strings (Told you it was eclectic).

First Job:
Newspaper boy.

First Proper Job:
Army, Royal Engineers.

Favourite Sport:
Golf, football, cricket.

Why I think I’m good at my job:
I’m passionate about engineering and love to share my enthusiasm with other engineers.