South East

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Areas Covered:

BN, CT, GU, ME, PO, RH, SL and TN


Tom Marshallsay

Tel: 07773 547051

Email: tom.marshallsay@xyzmachinetools.com

XYZ Marcin

Where are you from?

Employed by XYZ since:
June 2021.

Marital Status:

Football and music, but I enjoy being a dad the most.

Favourite Film:
Goodfellas, Wolf of Wall Street.

Favourite Song:
Anything rock and roll, ACDC, Oasis, Nirvana, The Beatles, The Stones etc.

First Job:
I worked in the kitchen of a restaurant.

First Proper Job:
CNC programmer and operator.

Favourite Sport:
Football, big Liverpool fan!

Why I think I’m good at my job:
I am hard working and dedicated to everything I do. I will give my all to help people and see them succeed.