South East

Meet your sales adviser

Areas Covered:

SO, PO, GU, RH, BN, KT, SL, TW, UB, SW, HA, WD, and W


Alex Newman

Tel: 07773 547051


Where are you from?
Born in London, grew up in Kent, studied in Portsmouth and have now been living in Salisbury for 10 years

Employed by XYZ since:

Marital Status:
Engaged, getting married in June 2025

Cooking, particularly BBQing, Live Music and following F1 and Rugby

Favourite Film:
Anything with Nicolas Cage


Favourite Song:
Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

First Job:
Peeling spuds at the local chippy

First Proper Job:
Jig and Fixture Design

Favourite Sport:
Rugby and F1

Why I think I’m good at my job:
I always keep an open mind when it comes to people’s needs. I love figuring out the processes and requirements, and I enjoy working with clients to find the best solutions for their machining needs. I’m committed to making sure they always have the right tools for the job.