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Areas Covered:

BA, BH, BS, DT, EX, GY, JE, PL, SN, SO, SP, TA, TQ and TR


Russell Bedford

Tel: 07525 800301

Email: russell.bedford@xyzmachinetools.com

Russell Bedford

Where are you from?
Leeds (Yorkshire).

Employed by XYZ since:

Marital Status:
Married with 2 children.

Golf, Rugby and Football.

Favourite Film:
The Man with the Golden Gun (007).

Favourite Song:
Scenes from an Italian restaurant (Billy Joel).

First Job:
Delivering Milk (1983).

First Proper Job:
Apprentice engineer (IMI Yorkshire Copper works).

Favourite Sport:

Why I think I’m good at my job:
Probably 20 year + in Machine tool sales.