Meet your sales adviser

Areas Covered:

DE, LE and S


Patrick O’Connor

Tel: 07481 138359

Email: patrick.oconnor@xyzmachinetools.com

XYZ Marcin

Where are you from?
Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Employed by XYZ since:
June 2021.

Marital Status:

Anything with pistons, although extra bonus points if it’s got 2 wheels and it’s a 2 stroke! Golf and seeing my daughter smiling.

Favourite Film:
Stepbrothers, Django Unchained, Gladiator. I do enjoy telling myself that I look like Russell Crowe (in the film and not him at present time!).

Favourite Song:
Literally anything as long as it gets my foot tapping!

First Job:
Retail – working on the Womenswear department being asked my thoughts on underwear choices…cheeky cheeky!

First Proper Job:
Apprentice Production Engineer manufacturing Precision Medical Implants.

Favourite Sport:
Any form of Motor Racing, Boxing and Golf. I followed Tiger Woods in the 2006 Ryder Cup at the K-Club and actually saw him spend far too long in a Portaloo. Go figure…

Why I think I’m good at my job:
Hands on, good listener & I’ve done machining for long enough to understand what makes a machine shop tick! The main things being able to have a good laugh and getting the job done.