Standard Equipment

  • TRAKing®.
  • Constant Surface Speed.
  • Verify Solid Model Graphics.
  • 2 Speed Headstock.
  • Rapid Traverse with Joy Stick.
  • 3 Jaw Chuck 315mm.
  • Quick Change Toolpost and 6 Holders. Centres and Bushes.
  • Air Assisted Floating Tailstock, with towing hitch.
  • Interlocked Chuck Guard and Main Guard.
  • Auto Lubrication.
  • Coolant.
  • Worklight.

Optional Equipment

  • 4 or 8 Station Auto Indexing Toolposts.
    Faceplates, Steadies, Chucks and Collet Chucks.
  • Offline Software.
  • Adjustable Backstop.
  • DXF Converter.
  • Drilling Attachment.
  • Swarf Conveyor.

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Now with 15.6” touch screen.


Drawing to finished component much faster than before.


New Hardware, Faster Feeds, 24 NEW features.

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The XYZ RLX 555 Lathe

TRAKing on XYZ ProTURN Lathes

Introducing: The ProtoTRAK RX

Machine Features


The latest generation of ProtoTRAK RLX control provides maximum operator productivity particularly on one-off components or small batches. Even an operator with no previous CNC experience will be producing simple or complex parts within hours.


Heavy tailstock with two clamp points prevents movement when machining components between centres. Repostioning is effortless and is achieved by providing an air cushion that lifts the tailstock from the bed (not on the XYZ ProTURN RLX 1630).


Built and guarded to comply with the latest CE regulations to ensure complete operator safety. When closed and in full CNC operation the easy lift, totally enclosed guard, ensures water tight containment of swarf and coolant.

Saddle & Apron

The apron moves with the saddle and emulates the actions of a manual lathe. This brings reassuring familiarity to the first time user of a CNC Lathe, and a joy stick provides for rapid positioning.


The headstock is built using Japanese induction hardened and precision ground gears. Two precision taper roller bearings and a support journal bearing ensure spindle rigidity and concentricity. High pressure oil lubrication is provided to all gears and bearings via a pump and oil cooler ensuring thermal stability, quiet running and long life.

Swarf Tray

Front opening easy access Swarf Tray makes light work of swarf removal and reduces the amount of space required at the rear of the machine.


Proturn Lathes are standard with TRAKing which allows the operator to wind the handwheel and the machine moves through the program. The faster you wind the faster it machines. Stop or reverse the handwheel and the machine does the same.

Cast Bed Base

Unlike most other Lathes that are cast or fabricated in two or three pieces and then bolted together, the Proturn RLX is a one piece solid ribbed casting that provides weight and rigidity ensuring unrivalled precision. The extra wide ‘Vee and flat’ bed way provides a large bearing surface that makes other Lathes seem flimsy by comparison. The lower cost RLX 1630 does not have a single piece casting.


XYZ RLX 1630XYZ RLX 355XYZ RLX 425 x 1.25m / 2mXYZ RLX 555 x 1m / 1.75mXYZ RLX 555 x 3mXYZ RLX 780 x 1.5 / 3m
Swing Over Bed400mm360mm480mm560mm560mm780mm
Swing in GapN/AN/A700mm780mm900mm1,090mm
Gap in front of FaceplateN/AN/A170mm227mm210mm157mm
Swing over Cross Slide 218mm225mm257mm350mm350mm535mm
Cross Slide Travel216mm185mm230mm280mm375mm430mm
Distance between Centres760mm1,000mm1,250 / 2,000mm1,000mm / 1,750mm3,000mm1,500 / 3,000mm
Maximum Cutting Length 760mm900mm1,080 / 1,900mm900 / 1,650mm2,900mm1,400 / 2900mm
Spindle Bore54mm52mm80mm104mm104mm160mm
Spindle NoseD1-6 CamlockD1-6 CamlockD1-8 CamlockD1-11 CamlockD1-11 CamlockA2-11
Spindle TaperMT4 in bushMT4 in bushMT7 in bushMT7 in bushMT7 in bushMT7 in bush
Spindle5.75kW (7.5hp)5.75kW (7.5hp)7.5kW (10hp)11.2kW (15hp)15 hp Variable Spindle Speed with Inverter Drive32kW (43hp)
Spindle Speeds150 - 2,500 rpm50 - 4,000 rpm25 - 2,500 rpm30 - 1,800 rpm30 - 1,800 rpm20 - 1,300 rpm
Speed RangesSingle Range 150 - 2,500 rpm2 Ranges (50 - 1,410 & 100 - 4,000 rpm)3 Ranges (25 - 300, 50 - 850 & 140 - 2,500 rpm)2 Range (30 - 375 & 140 - 1,800 rpm)2 Ranges High 140 - 1,800 rpm & Low 30 - 375 rpm2 Ranges (20 - 415 & 40 - 1,300 rpm)
Tailstock Travel127mm150mm160mm160mm200mm200mm
Tailstock Taper MT4MT4MT5MT5MT6MT6
Tailstock Diameter60mm60mm75mm90mm105mm105mm
Bed Width320mm300mm370mm370mm500mm500mm
Machine Weight 1,550kg1,955kg2,700 / 3,700kg3,200 / 4,100kg6,600kg6,400 / 8,600kg
Floorplan  (L x D x H) 2,090 x 1,200 x 1,800mm2,320 x 1,410 x 1,940mm2,600 x 1,480 x 1,830mm / 3,450 x 1,600 x 1,910mm2,600 x 1,600 x 1,930mm / 3,510 x 1,5500 x 1,930mm5,400 x 2,010 x 1,840mm3,904 x 2,170 x 2,180mm / 5,455 x 2,170 x 2,180mm
BallscrewsX & ZX & ZX & ZX & ZX & ZX & Z
Servo MotorsX & ZX & ZX & ZX & ZX & ZX & Z
Power Requirements27A27A33A42A43A63A
Air RequirementsNo Air Required6 bar (220 L/min)6 bar (220 L/min)6 bar (220 L/min)6 bar (220 L/min)6 bar (220 L/min)
XYZ RLX 555 x 3m
Swing Over Bed560mm
Swing in Gap900mm
Gap in front of Faceplate210mm
Swing over Cross Slide 350mm
Cross Slide Travel375mm
Distance between Centres3,000mm
Maximum Cutting Length 2,900mm
Spindle Bore104mm
Spindle NoseD1-11 Camlock
Spindle TaperMT7 in bush
Spindle15 hp Variable Spindle Speed with Inverter Drive
Spindle Speeds30 - 1,800 rpm
Speed Ranges2 Ranges High 140 - 1,800 rpm & Low 30 - 375 rpm
Tailstock Travel200mm
Tailstock Taper MT6
Tailstock Diameter105mm
Bed Width500mm
Machine Weight 6,600kg
Floorplan  (L x D x H) 5,400 x 2,010 x 1,840mm
BallscrewsX & Z
Servo MotorsX & Z
Power Requirements43A
Air Requirements6 bar (220 L/min)