Save Tax by Investment.
The Government tried to encourage investment with a Super Deduction Tax.

This has now been dropped and in place they have given us an increased Corporation Tax that makes it difficult not to see the massive logic other then to invest in New Capital Equipment.

  • 19% for profits less than £50,000
  • A sliding rate of 19% to 25% for profits between £50,000 and £250,000
  • 25% for profits over £250,000

Tax issues should always be discussed with a qualified accountant, as individual circumstances can vary.

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When you buy from XYZ you will have access to our free support help line. This is something that we decided to do from day one. Aftersales support is one of the key aspects of a machine purchase.

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XYZ Bed Mills

Our range of RMX bed mills are used all across the UK. The new RMX ProtoTRAK controls allow you to choose between running the machine in manual or CNC mode. There are four CNC bed mills in our range, each with different sizes and capabilities. Each bed mill is perfect for low volume production for milling or turning, and can produce pockets, profiles, slots, and more.

Find out more about each model below, or contact our team using the below form or give us a call on 01823 674200.

XYZ RMX 2500

1245 x 228mm TABLE

780 x 381 x 550mm TRAVEL


XYZ RMX 3500

1370 x 355mm TABLE

750 x 480 x 510mm TRAVEL


XYZ 1000 LR

XYZ RMX 4000


1474 x 355mm TABLE

1060 x 596 x 520mm TRAVEL

XYZ RMX 5000


1930 x 355mm TABLE

1500 x 596 x 520mm TRAVEL