XYZ 1060 HS

XYZ 1060 HS

Spindle: 21kW (28hp) 12,000 rpm
Table Size: 1,200 x 600mm
Travels: 1,020 x 610 x 620mm
Machine Weight: 7,500kg

Conforming to ISO 10791

Positional accuracy: +/- 5 microns

Repeatability: = +/- 2 microns

Circularity over 300mm: 6 microns

Geometric accuracy over 300mm: 6 microns

Standard Equipment

  • Siemens 840DSL High Speed ShopMill 19″ Touchscreen Control.
  • 12,000 rpm Oil Cooled Spindle.
  • 43 M/min Rapids.
  • Temperature Controlled Ballscrews.
  • Temperature Controlled Spindle.
  • Pneumatically Counterbalanced Head.
  • 30 Station Arm Type.
  • High Pressure Coolant.
  • Through Spindle Coolant.
  • Coolant Washdown.
  • Swarf Conveyor & Bin.
  • Optimised Digital Servo Drives.
  • Hard Drive and Networking.
  • Rigid Tapping.
  • Remote Electronic Handwheel.
  • High Speed Concertina Guards.
  • Stainless Steel Floor Pan.
  • Powder Coated Guarding.
  • USB Port.
  • Networking.

Optional Equipment

  • 4th Axis Rotary Table.
  • 5th Axis Rotary Table.
  • 15,000 rpm Direct Drive Spindle.
  • Linear Scales.
  • Offline Programming.
  • Renishaw / Heidenhain Toolsetting and Probing.
  • Contour Handwheel (wind the handwheel to run through the program).
  • Advanced Swarf Management System.

Call 01823 674200 for more details.

Watch The Videos Below

Watch as a skull is machined from aluminium using the XYZ 1060 HS


Linear Roller Bearing Slides

XYZ Machine Tools makes use of linear roller bearing slide technology for high-speed, high-precision applications that also call for enhanced slideway stiffness and rigidity whilst cutting. These slideways provide a larger bearing contact area and can be found on the XYZ 1060 HS and XYZ UMC-5X high speed five-axis machines, where they provide optimum cutting performance for the applications that these machines face.

The XYZ 1060 High Speed – the flagship of the XYZ VMC range.

This high accuracy and high speed Vertical Machining Centre is equipped with the latest control technology from Siemens, the 840DSL ShopMill control. The 1060 has top of the line THK linear roller bearings making it capable of modern fast machining for use in the aerospace and mouldmaking industries where precision is of paramount importance. The XYZ 1060 HS can easily be upgraded to 4 or 5 axis.


XYZ 660 HDXYZ 800 HDXYZ 1100 HDXYZ 1060 HS
X Axis Table Travel660mm800mm1,100mm1,020mm
Y Axis Table Travel450mm500mm610mm610mm
Z Vertical Travel500mm510mm610mm620mm
Table Size720 x 420mm920 x 480mm1,200 x 600mm1,200 x 600mm
Spindle Centre to Column490mm550mm675mm640mm
Spindle to Table100 - 600mm100 - 610mm150 - 760mm140 - 760mm
Column Front to Table Centre290 - 740mm300 - 800mm360 - 970mm365 - 975mm
Rapid Feedrate24 M/min24 M/min24 M/min43 M/min
Cutting Feedrates1 - 24000 MM/min1 - 24000 MM/min1 - 24000 MM/min1 - 43000 MM/min
Max Table Load500kg900kg1,500kg1,000kg
T Slot Size16mm16mm18mm18mm
T Slot Number & Pitch4 off @100mm Pitch4 off @ 100mm Pitch4 off @ 125mm Pitch5 off @125mm Pitch
Spindle Speeds5 - 10000 rpm (12,000 Optional)5 - 10000 rpm (12,000 Optional)5 - 10000 rpm (12,000 Optional)12,000 rpm (15,000 optional)
Spindle MotorSiemens 21kW (28hp)

Heidenhain 25kW (33hp)
Siemens 21kW (28hp)

Heidenhain 25kW (33hp)
Siemens 21kW (28hp)

Heidenhain 25kW (33hp)
Siemens 21kW (28hp)
Spindle TaperBT40 (SK & Cat Optional)BT40 (SK & Cat Optional)BT40 (SK & Cat Optional)BT40 (SK & Cat Optional)
Toolchanger12 Station Carousel24 Station Arm type30 Station Arm type30 Station Arm Type
Toolchange Time8 secs2.5 secs2.5 secs2.5 secs
Max Tool Diameter90mm78mm78mm76mm
Max Tool Weight6kg8kg8kg8kg
Coolant Tank Capacity130L150L240L300L
Ballscrew (Grade C3)32mm Dia P1040mm Dia P1040mm Dia P1240mm Dia P16
AC Digital Servo Motors Max TorqueX = 8.5 Nm / Y = 8.5 Nm / Z = 12 Nm 3,000 rpmX = 8.5 Nm / Y = 8.5 Nm / Z = 12 Nm 3,000 rpmX = 20 Nm / Y = 20 Nm / Z = 20 Nm 3,000 rpmX = 27 Nm / Y = 27 Nm / Z = 36 Nm
Machine Weight3,400kg4,400kg7,000kg7,500kg
Footprint2,200 x 2,850 x 2,630mm2,440 x 3,190 x 2,690mm3,250 x 3,500 x 2,810mm4,400 x 3,290 x 3,250mm
Pull Stud TypeMAS403 Type1MAS403 Type1MAS403 Type1MAS403 Type1
Servo MotorUK Spec' Siemens Digital Servo / Digital Servo (Heidenhain)UK Spec' Siemens Digital Servo / Digital Servo (Heidenhain)UK Spec' Siemens Digital Servo / Digital Servo (Heidenhain)UK Spec' Siemens Digital Servo
Max Tool Length250mm250mm250mm250mm
Coolant Pump0.55kW0.55kW0.55kW3kW
Slideway TypeHardened BoxwayHardened BoxwayHardened BoxwayLinear Rail
Working Height (without riser blocks)2,600mm2,750mm2,820mm2,880mm
Power Requirements43A43A49A71A
Air Requirements6 bar (220 L/min)6 bar (220 L/min)6 bar (220 L/min)6 bar (220 L/min)
X Axis Table Travel
Y Axis Table Travel
Z Vertical Travel
Table Size
Spindle Centre to Column
Spindle to Table
Column Front to Table Centre
Rapid Feedrate
Cutting Feedrates
Max Table Load
T Slot Size
T Slot Number & Pitch
Spindle Speeds
Spindle Motor
Spindle Taper
Toolchange Time
Max Tool Diameter
Max Tool Weight
Coolant Tank Capacity
Ballscrew (Grade C3)
AC Digital Servo Motors Max Torque
Machine Weight
Pull Stud Type
Servo Motor
Max Tool Length
Coolant Pump
Slideway Type
Working Height (without riser blocks)
Power Requirements
Air Requirements