SPINDLE 43 HP / 32 kW
300mm CHUCK (380mm optional*)
3300 rpm SPINDLE
Live tooling
100 mm Y axis

XYZ TC 320 LTY live tooling C axis
No. of stations 12, all live
Max rpm 4500 rpm
Power 40% rating 6 kW
‘C’ axis resolution 0.001º
Conforming to ISO 13041
Positional accuracy +/- 5 microns
Repeatability +/- 2 microns
Cutting accuracy over 100mm 10 microns
Geometric accuracy over 100mm 10 microns

Standard Equipment

  • Siemens 828D ShopTurn Control.
  • Hydraulic 315mm 3 Jaw Chuck.
  • Sauter ‘German’ VDI Turret.
  • Automatic Tool Setting Arm.
  • Swarf Conveyor & Bin.
  • VDI Turret.
  • Full ‘C’ Axis.
  • Live Tooling.
  • 100mm Y axis.
  • Programmable Hydraulic Tailstock.
  • Through Tool and Flood Coolant.
  • Remote Electronic Handwheel.
  • USB Port.
  • Networking.

Optional Equipment

  • Parts Catcher.
  • Collet Chuck.
  • Bar Puller.
  • Barfeed Units.
  • Offline Programming.
  • Contour Handwheel.
  • Gear Hobbing.
  • Polygon Turning.
  • Advanced Swarf Management System.

Call 01823 674200 for more details.

See the Videos Below

Take a look at the XYZ TC 320 LTY

XYZ Turning Centres

The TC 320 LTY packs a powerful productivity punch.

The XYZ TC 320 LTY is the largest y-axis turning centre in the XYZ range and provides users with exceptional capacity from a solid cast machine base.

The addition of the 100 mm Y axis (+/-50 mm) adds a degree of versatility to the machine that allows many parts to be machined complete, increasing productivity significantly. Added to this is the extensive list of standard equipment that makes the XYZ TC 320 LTY a highly competitive turning
centre package. This list includes hydraulic chuck, 12-station (all live) VDI turret, Renishaw tool setting, swarf conveyor and the market leading Siemens 828D ShopTurn conversational control.

The ‘Y’ axis of the XYZ TC 320 LTY can travel 50mm above and below centreline (100mm total travel), making easy work of most components that would normally require milling and turning operations.


Spindle Motor15HP / 11.2kWSiemens 23HP / 17kWSiemens 23HP / 17kWSiemens 43HP / 32kWSiemens 43HP / 32kW
Max Spindle Speeds4500 rpm4,000 rpm4,500 rpm3,300 rpm3,300 rpm
Min Speed for Full Power1500 rpm1,500 rpm1,500 rpm1,500 rpm1,500 rpm
Spindle Bore (Drawtube Capacity) 52mm65mm65mm91mm (78mm)91mm (78mm)
Spindle Nose A2-5A2-6A2-6A2-8A2-8
Power Chuck Diameter 150mm200mm200mm300mm (380mm Optional*)300mm
Spindle Centre Height from Floor 950mm1010mm1210mm1020mm1230mm
Spindle Front Bearing Internal Dia100mm110mm110mm130mm130mm
Max Turned Diameter 180mm220mm220mm400mm320mm
Maximum Swing 300mm400mm400mm600mm450mm
Swing Over Carriage Cover 220mm260mm400mm410mm450mm
Maximum Turned Length 300mm510mm490mm600mm550mm
X Axis Travel 165mm175mm220mm265mm270mm
Y Axis TravelN/AN/A70mm (+/- 35mm)N/A100mm (+/- 50mm)
Z Axis Travel 315mm525mm500mm650mm600mm
BallscrewX = 28mm / Z =32mmX = 28mm / Z = 40mmX = 28mm / Z = 40mmX = 40mm / Z = 45mmX = 40mm / Y = 36mm / Z = 45mm
AC Digital Servo Motors Max Torque8Nm8Nm8NmX = 11Nm / Z = 16Nm6Nm
Servo Motor UK Spec' Siemens Digital ServoUK Spec' Siemens Digital ServoUK Spec' Siemens Digital ServoUK Spec' Siemens Digital ServoUK Spec' Siemens Digital Servo
Rapid Feedrate20 M/min20M/min20M/min20M/min20M/min
Cutting Feedrates1-20000mm/min1-20000mm/min1-20000mm/min1-20000mm/min1-20000mm/min
ToolchangerTurret 10 Station (block)12 Station 30 VDI Turret12 Station 30 VDI Turret12 Station 40 VDI Turret12 Station 40 VDI Turret
Turret Diameter300mm A/F340mm370mm450mm440mm
Toolchange Time2 secs2 secs2 secs2 secs2 secs
Max Boring Bar Diameter32 mm32mm32mm40mm40mm
Tool Section Size20mm20mm X 20mm20mm X 20mm25mm X 25mm25mm X 25mm
Tailstock Quill TaperN/AMT4MT4MT5MT5
Quill DiameterN/A60mm75mm95mm95mm
Quill TravelN/A105mm90mm125mm125mm
Max Quill ThrustN/A800 kg800 kg2300 kg2300 kg
Coolant Pump Delivery30 L/min @ 0.8 Bar30 L/min @ 0.8 Bar30 L/min @ 0.8 Bar16 L/min @ 2.5 Bar16 L/min @ 2.5 Bar
Coolant Tank Capacity80 L80 L80 L115 L125 L
Slideway TypeLinear WayHardened Box WayHardened Box WayHardened Box WayHardened Box Way
Footprint (without travels)1930 x 1420 x 1700 mm2950mm X 2030mm X 1650mm3250mm X 2060mm X 2000mm3700mm X 2000mm X 2000mm3700mm X 2320mm X 2030mm
Height from floor to spindle centre960mm1050mm1200mm1220mm1040mm
Machine Weight2000 kg3600Kg4,400Kg5,700Kg6,950Kg
Power Requirements37A37A45A64A64A
Air Requirements6 bar (100 L/min)N/AN/AN/AN/A
Spindle Motor
Max Spindle Speeds
Min Speed for Full Power
Spindle Bore (Drawtube Capacity)
Spindle Nose
Power Chuck Diameter
Spindle Centre Height from Floor
Spindle Front Bearing Internal Dia
Max Turned Diameter
Maximum Swing
Swing Over Carriage Cover
Maximum Turned Length
X Axis Travel
Y Axis Travel
Z Axis Travel
AC Digital Servo Motors Max Torque
Servo Motor 
Rapid Feedrate
Cutting Feedrates
Turret Diameter
Toolchange Time
Max Boring Bar Diameter
Tool Section Size
Tailstock Quill Taper
Quill Diameter
Quill Travel
Max Quill Thrust
Coolant Pump Delivery
Coolant Tank Capacity
Slideway Type
Footprint (without travels)
Height from floor to spindle centre
Machine Weight
Power Requirements
Air Requirements