XYZ Machine Tools will use MACH 2020 to reveal the latest addition to its Compact Turn turning centre range, the XYZ CT52LR.

The arrival of the XYZ CT52LR mirrors the development of XYZ Machine Tools’ machining centre range, with the introduction of linear rail technology to its turning centres for the first time. Providing a 300 mm maximum turned length and 52 mm bar capacity the XYZ CT52LR provides users with the perfect entry into turning centre ownership and when combined with a machining centre from XYZ’s LR range delivers a highly price competitive package for any subcontractor that is unsure of what work will come in from week-to-week. Other key specifications of the CT52LR include its 15 hp/11.2 kW spindle capable of running at 4500 revs/min, 300 mm maximum swing, 180 mm maximum turned diameter and axis travels in x and z of 165 and 315 mm respectively with a 10 position block-type turret providing plenty of machining options.

The brand new XYZ CT52 LR will make its debut at MACH 2020

“The arrival of the CT52LR is down to the success of the LR series of machining centres, which have been extremely well received by customers and have opened up new opportunities thanks to the cost advantage while retaining excellent machining capability,” – Nigel Atherton, Managing Director XYZ Machine Tools.

The New RX ProtoTRAK control adds many new benefits for users

In addition to these two brand new developments XYZ will also be highlighting the latest version of its ProtoTRAK control for its mills and lathes. The ProtoTRAK RX control sees several major developments, not least the use of a 15.6 inch touchscreen control that allows the now familiar ‘Pinch to Zoom’, ‘Twist to Rotate’ functions creating a much more user friendly interaction for the operator especially when viewing 3D models. The larger screen also allows the part drawing to be visible while programming. Using the touchscreen in conjunction with the optional DXF converter also eliminates the need for a mouse to navigate and edit programs. Operators now have a wealth of information and functionality at their fingertips, with help videos, digital speed and feed control and, detailed tool library all available on-screen. The new ProtoTRAK control will be demonstrated at MACH 2020 on a range of ProtoTRAK mills and ProTURN lathes, ask for a demonstration of its simplicity.

The XYZ vertical machining centre range now available with Heidenhain control on the HD series of machines

XYZ Machine Tools range of CNC vertical machining centres will be represented by examples of the LR (linear rail) series and HD (Heavy-duty box slideway machines). These machines come with the Siemens 828D control, with Shopmill or Shopturn. Customers looking at the HD VMC version can also specify the Heidenhain TNC 620 control as a standard option. XYZ’s vertical machining centres range provides machines covering axis travels of 510mm x 400 mm x 450 mm (xyz) on the XYZ 500 LR machine through to 3000 mm x 1000 mm x 800 mm for the XYZ 3010HD machine. Those looking for even greater capacity have the option of the XYZ travelling column series of machines with up to 10,000 mm of x-axis travel.

The XYZ UMC-4+1 and UMC-5X offer a cost-effective route into multi-axis machining

XYZ UMC-series takes care of multi-axis machining with the UMC-4+1 and UMC-5X machines proving popular thanks to their impressive specifications and price point. On show at MACH 2020 will be the UMC-5X which provides simultaneous five axis vertical machining centre capability. Available with either Siemens or Heidenhain control, with Traori and kinematic functions to ensure greater accuracy. Both UMC machines feature a 600 mm rotary table with full 360 degree rotation and capacity to hold components up to 600 kg. A-axis capability is +/- 120 degrees with servo worm drive control allowing full rotation in under 2.5 seconds. On the UMC-5X the x, y and z axes make use of linear scales (optional on the UMC-4+1), with both machines benefiting from high precision rotary encoders positioned on the pivot points of the a and c axes.

The XYZ ROBO-TEND system provides an ideal automation solution for small to medium sized machining businesses thanks to its versatility

Automation also features strongly on the XYZ stand with the company’s fully integrated robot machine tending system ROBO-TEND being show in action. This highly versatile system can be used with XYZ vertical machining and turning centres and provides a modular answer to the automation needs of small to medium sized machine shops, where versatility and flexibility are key requirements. The standard integrated KUKA robot (other robots are available) can handle parts weighing up to 10 kg, picking them from the ROBO-TEND drawer system before placing them into the machining area. Once machined the robot returns the finished part to the drawer, with the ability to flip the part ready for any second operation work. Like all other products within the XYZ Machine Tool portfolio ROBO-TEND is designed for ease-of-use, with programming simplified by the touchscreen control that seamlessly integrates with the Siemens control on the machine tool. Cost was also a major factor in developing the ROBO-TEND system, with payback being measured in months if bought outright, or finance available from as little as £2.00/hour.