XYZ KMX 1500

XYZ KMX 1500

Spindle: 2.25 kW (3hp) Varible Speed Head
Table Size: 1,069 x 228mm
Travels: 595 x 300mm

Standard Equipment

  • Vari Speed 2 Range Head.
  • 3 Axis DRO.
  • 2 Axis CNC.
  • Verify Solid Model Graphics.
  • Precision Ground Ballscrews.
  • Coolant.
  • Work Light.
  • Auto Lubrication.
  • Steel Swarf Tray.
  • Interlocked Guarding.

Optional Equipment

  • TRAKing®.
  • Riser Blocks.
  • Air Power Drawbar.
  • 4th Axis DRO.
  • Offline Software.
  • Tooling, Vices etc.
  • Parasolid Converter.
  • DXF Converter.
  • Millstar (Quill DRO).

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KMX Range of Turret Milling Machines

Introducing the RMX, RLX & KMX controls



Machine Features

Motor / Head

All Turret Mill spindles are driven by AC motors transmitting power through a two speed gear box and variable speed cone pulleys. Precision quill bearings are dynamically balanced and built in a dust free, temperature controlled environment, to ensure smooth and accurate cutting performance.


KMX Turret Mills have the TRAKing facility as an option which allows the operator to wind the handwheel and the machine moves through the program at that speed. The faster you wind the faster it machines.  Stop or reverse the hand wheel and the machine does the same.

Servo’s & Ballscrews

High performance servo motors are built into the casting to protect them from the harsh machine shop environment.  These servo’s provide smooth consistent power to the precision ground ballscrews to give a perfect milled finish.

Manual Operation

Mechanical handwheels allow the machinist to ‘feel’ the cutting process when manual machining is preferred, and will automatically disengage when the machine is running under CNC control.

Solid Casting

Built of solid Meehanite ribbed cast iron with induction hardened and ground slides. Turcite-B coated ways and auto lubrication to all slides and precision ground ballscrews aid accuracy and longevity.


The latest generation of ProtoTRAK KMX control provides maximum operator productivity particularly on one-off components or small batches.  Even an operator with no previous CNC experience will be producing simple or complex parts within hours.


Spindle2.25 kW (3hp) Variable Spindle Speed2.25 kW (3hp) Variable Spindle Speed3.75 kW (5hp) Variable Spindle Speed
Spindle Speeds50 - 3,500 rpm60 - 4,200 rpm70 - 3,600 rpm
2 Speed Ranges(50 - 400 & 420 - 3,500 rpm)(60 - 500 & 500 - 4,200 rpm)(70 - 460 & 500 - 3,600 rpm)
Table Size1,069 x 228mm1,270 x 254mm1,473 x 305mm
T Slot Size16mm16mm16mm
T Slots3 off3 off3 off
X Axis Table Travel595mm745mm1,000mm
Y Axis Table Travel300mm370mm396mm
Knee Vertical Travel358mm406mm394mm - Powered
Slideway TypeHardened WayHardened ChromeHardened & Ground Boxway
Ram Travel390mm450mm450mm
Spindle TaperR8 (ISO30 Optional)R8 (ISO30 Optional)ISO 40
Quill Power Feeds.038 .076 .15mm.038 .076 .15mm.038 .076 .15mm
No of Quill Feeds333
Quill Diameter86mm86mm105mm
Quill Travel127mm127mm127mm
Max Table Load350 kg350 kg580 kg
Swivel on Turret360°360°360°
Head Tilt Front to Back+45° / -45°+45° / -45°+45° / -45°
Head Tilt Left to right+90° / -90°+90° / -90°+90° / -90°
Max Throat Depth686mm686mm700mm
Machine Weight1,250Kg1,350Kg1,850Kg
Footprint (without travels)1,600 x 1,670 x 2,185mm1,880 x 1,750 x 2,220mm2,173 x 2,035 x 2,350mm
Floorplan (includes table travels)2,220 x 1,670 x 2,185mm2,621 x 1,902 x 2,220mm3,176 x 2,035 x 2,350mm
Working Height (without riser blocks)2,220mm2,175mm2,330mm
Power Requirements8A10A18A
Air Requirements6 bar (220 L/min)6 bar (220 L/min)6 bar (220 L/min)
XYZ KMX 1500
Spindle2.25 kW (3hp) Variable Spindle Speed
Spindle Speeds50 - 3,500 rpm
2 Speed Ranges(50 - 400 & 420 - 3,500 rpm)
Table Size1,069 x 228mm
T Slot Size16mm
T Slots3 off
X Axis Table Travel595mm
Y Axis Table Travel300mm
Knee Vertical Travel358mm
Slideway TypeHardened Way
Ram Travel390mm
Spindle TaperR8 (ISO30 Optional)
Quill Power Feeds.038 .076 .15mm
No of Quill Feeds3
Quill Diameter86mm
Quill Travel127mm
Max Table Load350 kg
Swivel on Turret360°
Head Tilt Front to Back+45° / -45°
Head Tilt Left to right+90° / -90°
Max Throat Depth686mm
Machine Weight1,250Kg
Footprint (without travels)1,600 x 1,670 x 2,185mm
Floorplan (includes table travels)2,220 x 1,670 x 2,185mm
Working Height (without riser blocks)2,220mm
Power Requirements8A
Air Requirements6 bar (220 L/min)