Last week a rather large box turned up at XYZ Machine Tools. It contained one of the largest machines in the XYZ range. The machine is so large it has to arrive on a flat rack pallet and is boxed to protect it from the elements. Once unboxed it shows itself to be a formidable beast of a machine!

Sitting on a fabricated sled it needs a special low loader with escort to be delivered from the port to our headquarters down in Devon.

The specialist delivery team firstly must lift it so that the sled can be removed from underneath the machine. Note the extra large crane located at the back of the trailer and lifting beam used to spread the slings to the correct width to lift the machine straight up.

The machine is now reloaded back on the trailer so that it can be transported into our factory down the loading pit, designed to make machine delivery quick and easy.

To give us maximum room to back the trailer into the factory the crane unit is removed from the trailer so that easy access can be achieved to the trailer.

Now the crane unit is removed the tractor and trailer units are backed into the factory so the machine can be loaded onto the shopfloor. Backing into the “pit” takes precision and care from the team at PDG Haulage.

Now the machine is located inside the 95,000 Sq Ft factory, our own overhead crane can take the machine off the trailer bed and locate it on the shopfloor ready for building.

Down she goes onto the feet that allow the machine to be levelled. The crane unit is now reattached to the trailer ready for the next big machine move.

Within a couple of hours the process has began to prepare the machine to the customers specification by attached the power supply and starting the levelling procedure.

While the way covers are removed it gives us a good chance to show the size and number, 6, box ways supporting the X axis for the those larger jobs that will be loaded onto the machine table.