Current versions in this release:

Master 4.2
Slave 4.5

Both master and slave software are downloaded simultaneously with this process.

Note:  Downloaded software must be extracted and decompressed before it is installed in the ProtoTRAK.
Please follow instructions carefully.

Download Instructions
(For Windows 95 or above.)

  1. Click on the Download Now button.
  2. In the selection window, select Save.
  3. Note: If you Open or Run instead of Save, the program will attempt to write to your floppy drive as described in Extraction Step 3 listed below – this is not recommended.
  4. Choose a location to save the file. You may want to create a directory called “ProtoTRAK Downloads” or save the file to your Desktop.
  5. After the download completes, you will have the software saved on your hard drive. Close the download window if it is still open.
  6. The software you have just downloaded is compressed to make it easy to download. See the instructions below “Extracting and installing the software on your ProtoTRAK” to finish the process.     1,209KB

 Download Now  

Issues addressed with this software update (since version 2.22)

  • Adds Z finish cut to lathe cycle events
  • Adds “start at finish cut” on mill canned cycles
  • Adds “tap” to bolt-hole event
  • Adds “start at pass #” for canned cycles with multiple passes
  • Adds service code 400 for updating language table
  • Adds ability to see what “options” and option versions are installed within service code 33
  • Can now define a closed profile or pocket using 2 events such as a mill and arc combination
  • Service code 319 error log; Save error log (f8) now works when you enter the service code number directly instead of going through the service code sections (A,B,C,D,E).
  • Fixes problem where Slave 2.21 did not give a fault message when encoder and scale count in opposite directions (direction reversed)
  • Fixes problem where controls ran through program at rapid feedrate when using IPR with RPM and feed rate was over written or programmed lower than .2 IPM (VL)
  • Fixes problem where control produced Z-axis Fault 98 when using IPR and CSS and feedrate was over written or programmed lower than .4 IPM (VL)
  • Adds Lathe Tapping (VL only)
  • Adds G-Code Editor (VM only)
  • Adds Chip Break drill cycle
  • Adds ability to look at a part drawing
  • Adds Tool Names (Mills)
  • Adds Face Grooving Cycle (Lathes)
  • Adds Run Time Estimator
  • Adds Service Code 335, Toggles spindle on during pause events
  • Adds Service Code 337, spindle calibration (V machines only)
  • Implements on-screen error messages for Servo Block faults (VM / VL)
  • Improves Threading to a shoulder (VL only)
  • Fixes step up / step down problem on SM bedmills where quill movement was not being offset correctly
  • Adds CAM OUT option for lathes
  • Fixes problem on VL lathes, where program ending in IPR and beginning in IPM will not run at the correct feedrate on second run of part.
  • New error message generated if Tap function is not able to properly toggle
  • Improved/smoother traking on VM machines.
  • Implements software filters for all inputs.

Extracting and installing the software on your ProtoTRAK

This section describes the easiest way to get the software you have downloaded from your computer hard drive to your ProtoTRAK.

For Windows XP users:

  1. Place a formatted, blank floppy disk into your floppy drive (Drive A).
  2. Double Click on the file that you’ve just downloaded.
  3. Go up to the top left hand corner of your window, and click on FILE, and then EXTRACT ALL.
  4. An Extraction Wizard window will appear. Click on NEXT.
  5. Underneath where it says “Files will be extracted to this directory:” type the following: a: Then click NEXT.
  6. This should start copying all the necessary files to the floppy drive. Once complete, click on the FINISH button. Then proceed to the instructions on installing to your Prototrak control below.

For Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, and 2000 users:
You must have third party compression software installed on your computer, such as WinZip (
Follow the appropriate instructions for extracting all files to a floppy disk (Drive A).

Installing the software on your ProtoTRAK

  1. After the software is copied to the floppy, take it out and put it into the floppy drive on your ProtoTRAK SM CNC. Before doing the following steps, you may want to save your program or any tools you have in current memory.
  2. Press Mode, then the SYS key (this is key to the left of the screen).
  3. Press Update Master. This will start the update process and will take a moment or so. After the update is finished, the ProtoTRAK SM screen will show the same image you see when you first turn it on.
  4. Press the SYS key once again. This time, press Update Slave. When it is finished, the ProtoTRAK SM screen will show the same image as when you first turn it on.
  5. Remove the floppy from the floppy drive.
  6. You can verify that the software was properly installed by checking the software version in the service codes. To do this, press the following: Mode, Set Up, Serv Codes, Code #, 33, ABS SET.  You should see the same version numbers as above.

Please run service CODE 12 before running the machine.  Go to SETUP mode, SERVICE CODES, section B, CODE 12 and press the AUTO key.  It will take 10 to 20 seconds to finish.  The machine is now ready to run.