XYZ Machine Tools’ continued sales success with record turnover in 2018/19 continuing as it concludes the first quarter of 2019/20 has seen increased demand on its service team due to the number machines being commissioned. In order to balance this out it has recruited Peter Falkner to take on the role of service manager, with a target to streamline service activities and make them more accessible and visible to customers.
Peter Falkner joins XYZ Machine Tools as its Service Manager.
Peter joins XYZ Machine Tools from the power generation sector, where he worked in service orientated engineering/project management roles for a business that generated around 75 per cent of its £250 million turnover from service support. “My previous employment was a completely different model to that of XYZ Machine Tools, and it is that change that excited me about the prospect of bringing fresh ideas to the world of machine tools, the opportunity to bring my knowledge and experience to a company like XYZ Machine Tools that values service and support and wants to develop that offering is a challenge I’m looking forward to.” says Peter Falkner.

The service element of XYZ Machine Tools business had been viewed as being purely a necessary function of a machine tool business, but with continued sales growth management identified tremendous scope to develop this to further enhance the relationship between its service team and customers. With that in mind Peter will begin work to develop a more pro-active approach to service support with increased customer interaction, with an online portal and app-based user interfaces part of that plan. “We will begin to implement new processes and systems that give customers greater visibility and awareness of how their requirements are being managed. By matching our service support to the growth in business and exceeding customer expectations, we can continue to develop the sales performance of the business.”