With sales continuing to grow for XYZ Machine Tools, the factory at Burlescombe, Devon has been a hive of activity with machines being loaded and shipped ready for delivery to customers and new stock arriving at an increasing rate.

During September and October, it is estimated that 100 machines will be shipped out to customers in the UK and across mainland Europe. As expected, given XYZ Machine Tools’ reputation for keeping high levels of machines in stock, these will be more than replaced, with 87 machines arriving by mid-September and a further 116 will be delivered to the factory by the end of October.

“As the UK manufacturing sector continues to bounce back from the previous 18 months of uncertainty, we are seeing significant demand for machines, and a need for those machines to be delivered quickly,” says Nigel Atherton, XYZ Managing Director. “This demand fits perfectly with XYZ Machine Tools operation as we have always maintained high levels of stock, at times having over 300 machines available for delivery in days, rather than months. And, while the rapid increase in orders impacted on stock levels, we have managed the situation and customers can be assured of our usual first class response to their needs.”

While the pressure is on to deliver machines in record times XYZ Machine Tools is maintaining its quality procedures that includes extensive pre-delivery checks to ensure all elements of the machine are functioning correctly, with every machine undergoing the latest Renishaw ball bar and laser testing equipment prior to being signed off for delivery.

One of many containers full of new machines being delivered to XYZ Machine Tools in the next month to replenish stock following an increase in orders