The Siemens ShopMill and ShopTurn controls are the most ‘easy to use’ yet powerful CNC controls we have ever tested.
Milling – Siemens ShopMill 828D
The ‘JobShop Concept’ makes the on screens prompts really easy to understand.

Line trace graphics let you see the progamming unfold as you progress through each work stage.

Full 3D graphic all ready to check for final ‘prove out’ prior to machining.

Turning – Siemens ShopTurn 828D and ShopTurn 840D
Canned cycles makes programming of complex parts easy.

Plan view graphics showing all the tool movements to prevent tool collision.

Full 3D view showing cut-away.

A powerful control that’s easy to use and easy to set up.
Complex components like this brake caliper, can easily be programmed after three days training by most experienced engineers with no previous CNC experience.
Most engineers can easily produce a simple component featuring bolt hole tapping and metal removal within the first few hours.
With five axis capability and an Advanced Training course complex components like this can be realised in just one-hit.