XYZ Machine Tools’ remains a market-leader in the supply of small to medium capacity CNC machining centres and lathes, but it is also a major player when it comes to large capacity machine tools, with 12 machines making up its super-heavyweight machining centre, travelling column machining centres, XL and Oil Country lathe ranges.

The super-heavyweight machining centres are the XYZ 2010 HD, XYZ 2510 HD and XYZ 3010 HD, which have X-axis travels from 2000 mm through to 3000 mm, with all three having 1000 mm Y-axis and 800 mm Z-axis movement. Machine rigidity and exceptional vibration damping is provided by the solid Meehanite casting with box slideways, with six guideways alone on the Y-axis to provide total support for the machine table. Adding to their machining capability is the standard 8000 revs/min spindle which has 30 hp (23 kW) of power available on a continuous basis, with 36 hp and 56 hp available for 30 minutes and 2.5 minutes (in every 10-minute period) respectively, when more power is required. Control on these super-heavyweights is provided by the Siemens 828D Shopmill system with 15-inch touch screen fitted as standard. In addition to the standard specification across the range, users have a series of options such as 4th and 5th axis attachments and on-machine tool and workpiece probing.

The Super Heavyweight series of vertical machining centres from XYZ Machine Tools with X-axis travels up to 3000 mm.

XYZ’s four-machine travelling column range features X-axis travels of 4000, 6000, 8000, and 10,000 mm with Y and Z axis travels of 800 mm and 600 mm (800 option) respectively, with all axes using linear rail technology. The standard continuous 15 hp spindle has a speed range of 60 – 8000 revs/min with power available up to 38 hp (28.5 kW) for short periods of heavy-duty cutting. Both rapid traverse and cutting feed rates are a maximum of 24 m/min in all axes, with the X-axis controlled by a backlash-free gearbox combined with a GUDEL (Swiss-made) high precision gear rack. Ranging in weight from 22,000 kg to 32,000 kg the TCM range from XYZ is truly heavy-weight, while providing the agility required for the machining of highly complex components often found in the aerospace sector.

The XYZ travelling Column machines offer large capacity combined with agility.

When it comes to turning, XYZ Machine Tools has an extensive range of XL and Oil Country lathes. The XL series goes from the XL 780 with 780 mm swing over the bed and 3000 mm between centre distance to the XL 2200 with 2200 mm swing and up to 12,000 mm between centres. Across the range the headstock features a gearbox with precision ground gears for quiet and precise power transmission, and high-precision taper roller bearings for added accuracy, and spindle rigidity. Spindles range from 43 hp (32 kW) on the XL 780, through to 94 hp (70 kW), with spindle speeds from 4 – 1300 revs/min with up to three gear ranges dependant on machine. All machines in the XL series feature solid ribbed cast construction bed with a wide vee and flat bed ways, which again add to the machines stability under heavy cuts.

The XYZ XL series of large capacity lathes can swing up to 2200 mm over the bed.

The XYZ Oil Country lathe features a swing over the bed of 1100 mm with a 3000 mm between centre distance as standard, although this can be specified between 1500 mm and 16,000 mm to suit specific customer needs. Spindle bore is 420 mm as standard, with larger diameters available. The spindle is rated at 85 hp (63.3 kW) continuous and when specified with the 420 mm spindle bore comes with three gear ranges taking spindle speeds from 5 to 250 revs/min. Components weighing up to 1000 kg can be machined using just the chuck for support, this rises to 4000 kg when the tailstock is applied, and 7000 kg can be machined when the chuck, tailstock and steady are used in combination.

The XYZ Oil Country lathe can be specified with bed lengths between 1500 and 16,000 mm

“XYZ Machine Tools has always supported machining across the size range and our large capacity machines are ideal for applications in aerospace, oil & gas, and power generation. A number of these large capacity machines are held in stock at our Devon headquarters, ready for quick delivery, with the reassurance that machines are subjected to rigorous testing procedures prior to deliver to the customer,” says Nigel Atherton, Managing Director, XYZ Machine Tools.