XYZ Machine Tools will have several MACH firsts on its stand (H18-640) including two major developments in the company’s product range, which will be announced closer to the exhibition dates. The key machine tool debuts at MACH are the recently announced LR and HD ranges of vertical machining centres, along with XYZ’s ground-breaking UMC-5X five axis machining centre.


The XYZ UMC-5X gantry-type simultaneous five-axis machining centre

With the arrival of the UMC-5X a gantry-style simultaneous five-axis machining centre, XYZ Machine Tools moved the goalposts when it came to price/performance ratios on this type of machine. The specification and capability of the UMC-5X sets it apart from similar priced machines, and puts it ahead of many costing significantly more. Available with either the Siemens 840DSL Shopmill or Heidenhain iTNC 640 HSCI control systems, with their market leading machine control software such as Traori and Kinematic functions during five-axis simultaneous machining for improved accuracy. The UMC-5X also sets itself apart with its machining capacity, with a table configuration and machine design that allows a full 500 mm of Y-axis travel forward of the table when it is rotated 90 degrees towards the rear (component facing forward), allowing larger workpieces to be machined in comparison to many competitor machines, including those that quote the same, or bigger, axis travels than the UMC-5X.

Other highlights of the UMC-5X are: its gantry design for greater rigidity and performance; C-axis rotation via a direct drive, low maintenance, high torque motor, giving 90 revs/min; +/- 120 degrees on the tilting A-axis, with 2.5 sec for full movement; front loading for ease of access; high accuracy linear scales on the X, Y and Z axes; 600 mm axis travel in X and Y (500 mm in Z); high precision rotary scales on rotating A and C axes mounted on the pivot points; 24, 30, 48 or 60-position side-mounted toolchanger; in-line direct drive, 35 kW, 12,000/15,000 revs/min spindle (option 25 kW, 18,000/24,000 revs/min motorised spindle); built-in thermal growth compensation for improved accuracy and repeatability; and integrated patented Smart Machining Technology for improved productivity.


The XYZ 750 LR vertical machining centre

In 2017 XYZ Machine Tools launched its LR and HD ranges of vertical machining centres, both ranges will be represented at MACH. The LR series of machines feature, for the first time for XYZ, linear rail slideway technology, which now meet XYZ’s stringent performance criteria, while allowing a relative low-cost entry into VMC ownership. While the LR series is competitively priced, machine specification and performance is still high across the range which consists of the XYZ 500 LR, XYZ 750 LR and XYZ 1000 LR, with the designation relating to X-axis travel.

The LR specification includes use of the latest Siemens 828D control, with the option of the ShopMill Advanced software package, a standard 8000 revs/min spindle with higher speed spindles as options across the range. Other generic specifications include feedrates up to 20 m/min in all axes and 12 or 20 position carousel toolchange as standard, dependant on machine size, with the option of a 24-position arm type on the two larger machines, with table capacity is 250 kg, 500 kg and 800 kg respectively. This detailed specification will be sufficient to cover most applications in a typical machine shop. XYZ Machine Tools expects the XYZ 750 LR to be the most popular choice, and this model, with its axis travels of 750 mm by 440 mm by 500 mm (XYZ), an 8000 revs/min 10hp/7kW, BT40 spindle, 20-position carousel toolchanger will be demonstrated on the stand as well as an XYZ 500 LR.


The XYZ 800 HD vertical machining centre

The addition of Linear Rail technology complements the box slideway machines offered by XYZ Machine Tools, which are now designated the HD series. This seven-machine range extends from the compact XYZ 660HD machines, with axis travels of 660 by 450 by 500 mm (XYZ) through to the ‘super-heavyweight’ XYZ 3010 HD, with its axis travels of 3000 by 1000 by 800 mm, with the Y-axis supported on six hardened box slideways for improved rigidity and accuracy. The HD series will be represented on the stand by an XYZ 800 HD and an XYZ 660 HD. In addition, visitors will also be able to see the quality of the machines construction with a cast base and column, without any guards being displayed. This display machine is from the XYZ 1100 HD, which benefits from a completely new structure that provides exceptional support to the X and Y axes and increases table load capacity from 800 kg to 1500 kg. The new design ensures that table overhang is eliminated and the solid, meehanite cast construction, with induction hardened, ground and Turcite-coated slideways, further adding to the machines impressive capabilities.

The heavy-duty construction of the XYZ 1100 HD vertical machining centre

Alongside these new introductions, XYZ Machine Tools will also have on show an extensive selection of turning centres, in the form of an XYZ TC 320 LTY Y-axis lathe and the popular CT 65 turning centre. These will be joined by a number of ProtoTRAK controlled mills and lathes, as well as the unique XYZ 2-OP portable vertical machining centre. “MACH is a terrific opportunity for those that thought they knew XYZ to discover how we have developed our offering to customers since the last MACH show. We have not only moved forward with extensions to our machine tool ranges, with the two, yet to be disclosed launches, we are also moving into new areas of manufacturing and expertise that will complement what we already offer to customers.” Nigel Atherton, Managing Director, XYZ Machine Tools.