High precision, high speed, simultaneous 5 axis VMC.

We have combined cutting edge build technology with the latest upgraded performance specifications to produce a high precision, high speed, simultaneous 5 axis VMC.  The XYZ UMC-5X is purposely designed for complex and multi surface machining.

Conforming to ISO 10791
Measuring SystemDirect
Repeatability+/- 0.0025mm
Positional Accuracy+/- 0.005mm/300mm
Circularity over 300mm6 microns
Geometric Accuracy over 300mm6 Microns
C Axis Positioning Accuracy+/- 5″
A Axis Positioning Accuracy+/- 30″

Standard Equipment

  • Siemens 840DSL 19″ Touch Screen Control (TNC 640 HSCI Heidenhain optional)
  • Full 5 Axis Capability
  • Multi Face Machining
  • 12,000 In Line Direct Drive Spindle (Other Options Available)
  • 90 RPM High Torque Table (707Nm)
  • Linear Scales for 3 Axis
  • Heidenhain RCN238 High Res Rotary Scale Encoder on Pivot Centre +-5 Seconds of Arc
  • Oil Skimmer
  • DCM – Dynamic Collision Monitoring
  • TSC – Thermal Spindle Compensation
  • SVS – Spindle Vibration Supervision
  • Coolant Gun
  • Swarf Conveyor & Bin
  • 20 Bar Through Spindle Coolant

Optional Equipment

  • Robot for automatic operation
  • Reference ball for Traori/Kinematic (datum setting)
  • 15,000 rpm Direct drive spindle
  • Built-in spindle (18,000 / 24,000 rpm)
  • Side mounted double arm type ATC (32/48/60 tools)
  • Through spindle coolant with high pressure pump (70 bar)
  • Work piece setting probe
  • Tool setting probe


XYZ UMC-5X Kinematic Function

XYZ UMC-5X – It’s here


Spindle Motor35Kw Water Cooled
Spindle Speeds12,000RPM (Option's Available)
Spindle Taper"BT40 (Option's - BBT / CAT / DIN 40 or HSK A63)"
Table Size600mm Diameter
Max Table Load600Kg
T Slots7 off @75mm Pitch
T Slot Size14mm
X Axis Table Travel600mm
Y Axis Table Travel600mm
Z Axis Table Travel500mm
C Rotary Axis360 Deg
A Axis (Tilt)-120Deg - +12-Deg
Rapid Feedrate36M/min
Max Speed 'A' Axis"16.6RPM (Optional - 50rpm)"
Max Speed 'C' Axis"90RPM (Optional 100 rpm)"
Acceleration X/Y/Z7 m.s-2
Toolchanger"24 Station (Optional 30 / 48 or 60 ATC)"
Toolchange Time>2 secs
Max Tool Diameter78mm
Max Tool Diameter with Adjacent Tools Empty120mm
Max Tool Weight7Kg
Max Tool Length300mm
Coolant Pump0.38Kw
Coolant Tank Capacity300L (increased to 570L with 70 Bar TSC)
Through Spindle Coolant"20 Bar (Optional 70 Bar Requires Roof)"
Footprint (without travels) LxWxH3856mm x 3454mm x 2811mm
Machine Weight9,000Kg
Power Requirements70KVA
Air Requirements6 bar 600L/min