Following the introduction and success of the UMC-5X we had many conversations with customers who, while seeing the advantages of simultaneous five-axis movement, couldn’t justify the investment. This led directly to the creation of the UMC 4+1, which at a starting price of under £130,000, which is a saving of around £30,000 over the UMC-5X, providing a highly cost competitive entry into five-axis machining for those not requiring simultaneous five-axis operation.

The XYZ UMC 4+1 shares the same machining envelope as the UMC-5X, with axis travels of 600 by 600 by 500 mm (XYZ) and a 600 mm trunnion-style rotary table that has 90 revs/min rotational speed and 600 kg load capacity. Customers can choose from either a 12,000 or 15,000 revs/min in-line spindle or a motorised unit with up to 24,000 revs/min. Control is provided by the popular Siemens 828D Shopmill system with its 15” touchscreen interface.

Conforming to ISO 10791
Measuring System Direct
Repeatability +/- 0.0025mm
Positional Accuracy +/- 0.005mm/300mm
Circularity over 300mm 6 microns
Geometric Accuracy over 300mm 6 Microns
C Axis Positioning Accuracy +/- 5″
A Axis Positioning Accuracy +/- 30″

Standard Equipment

  • Siemens 828D 15″ Touch Screen Control
  • Multi Face Machining
  • 12,000 In Line Direct Drive Spindle (Other Options Available)
  • 90 RPM High Torque Table (707Nm)
  • Heidenhain RCN238 High Res Rotary Scale Encoder on Pivot Centre +-5 Seconds of Arc
  • DCM – Dynamic Collision Monitoring
  • TSC – Thermal Spindle Compensation
  • SVS – Spindle Vibration Supervision
  • Coolant Gun
  • Swarf Conveyor & Bin
  • 20 Bar Through Spindle Coolant

Optional Equipment

  • Robot for automatic operation
  • Reference ball for Traori/Kinematic (datum setting)
  • 15,000 rpm Direct drive spindle
  • Built-in spindle (18,000 / 24,000 rpm)
  • Side mounted double arm type ATC (32/48/60 tools)
  • Through spindle coolant with high pressure pump (70 bar)
  • Work piece setting probe
  • Tool setting probe

See the Videos Below

XYZ UMC-5X & 4+1 and overview with Mark


Hear from an owner and operator of the XYZ UMC-5X

FRONT loading large working area

The working space is large for free movement and easy access for loading or unloading of parts either manually or by automated robotics.


Various spindle speed options are available:

In-line 12,000 / 15,000 rpm
Motorised 18,000 / 24,000 rpm

Side mounted tool carousel.

Arm type ATC with 24/32/48/60 tool capacity provides a reliable and fast tool changing system with minimum tool-to-tool time for improved machining efficiency.

90rpm high torque driven table

C axis torque driven table is capable of taking 600 kg loads.

Strong rigid gantry construction

The machine base and gantry construction is made of Meehanite licensed casting and is stress relieved giving a hardness of 180-220 HB. This effectively prevents vibration a provides superior machine stability.

High rigidity roller type linear guideways

All axes are equipped with large 45mm roller type linear guideways, providing superior rigidity and allowing high speed movement.



The setting up of the pivot point of the ‘A’ tilt axis and centre of rotation of the ‘C’ rotary axis are critical to the accuracy and precision of machined parts. The Kinematic function allows these critical points to be calculated by mounting on the table a precision ball and using a spindle probe to measure the ball position as the table moves to different positions. Using the points measured the control will calculate the centres of rotation and pivot to ensure best accuracy at all times.

UMC-5X Kinematic
UMC-5X Kinematic

Maximum machining capacity in all axes

UMC-5X Table

With an offset travel in the Y axis from the table centreline both UMC’s can machine the top face of a component (up to 500mm high) when the table is rotated 90o to the horizontal position.

Competitor tables configured to pivot on the centreline of X or Y axis cannot achieve these component dimensions, even when quoting X or Y axis travels of 700mm plus.

THK Linear Roller Bearings

These high performance roller bearings, which have rollers mounted above and below the 45mm guideway rail, allow for improved material removal rates due to optimum design. This support is provided the whole length of the 600 x 600 x 500 travel in X,Y and Z axis.

Gantry Construction

The solid gantry construction allows the spindle to reach beyond the rotary table centreline for assured stability and accuracy.


 XYZ UMC 4+1
Spindle Motor35Kw Water Cooled
Spindle Speeds12,000RPM (Option's Available)
Spindle Taper"BT40 (Option's - BBT / CAT / DIN 40 or HSK A63)"
Table Size600mm Diameter
Max Table Load600Kg
T Slots7 off @75mm Pitch
T Slot Size14mm
X Axis Table Travel600mm
Y Axis Table Travel600mm
Z Axis Table Travel500mm
C Rotary Axis360 Deg
A Axis (Tilt)-120Deg - +120-Deg
Rapid Feedrate36M/min
Max Speed 'A' Axis"16.6RPM (Optional - 50rpm)"
Max Speed 'C' Axis"90RPM (Optional 100 rpm)"
Acceleration X/Y/Z7 m.s-2
Toolchanger"24 Station (Optional 30 / 48 or 60 ATC)"
Toolchange Time>2 secs
Max Tool Diameter78mm
Max Tool Diameter with Adjacent Tools Empty120mm
Max Tool Weight7Kg
Max Tool Length300mm
Coolant Pump0.38Kw
Coolant Tank Capacity300L (increased to 570L with 70 Bar TSC)
Through Spindle Coolant"20 Bar (Optional 70 Bar Requires Roof)"
Footprint (without travels) LxWxH3856mm x 3454mm x 2811mm
Machine Weight9,500Kg
Power Requirements70KVA
Air Requirements6 bar 600L/min

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