XYZ Machine Tools continues to extend its range of machine tools with the addition of three linear rail ball bearing slideway vertical machining centres. Designated the XYZ LR, these machines start at £29,450 to form the first step to VMC ownership from the Devon-based company, while still offering exceptional specification and performance. The move into linear rail ball bearing slideways will complement the existing box slideway machines offered by XYZ Machine Tools and, comes after extensive research into the latest developments in this motion technology.

“While the use of linear rails has been common for many years, here at XYZ we have resisted their introduction as we felt that the technology, up until now, did not meet our stringent performance criteria, in the same way that box slideways do,” says Nigel Atherton, Managing Director, XYZ Machine Tools. “However, with recent advances in linear rail design those concerns have been laid to rest and these machines will allow users to maximise the improvements in digital motion control and modern cutting tool technology,  while providing a cost advantage to customers by helping them to migrate to CNC machining centre ownership at reduced cost.”

The three machine range consists of the XYZ 500 LR, XYZ 750 LR and XYZ 1000 LR with the designation relating to x-axis travel. The impressive specification of the LR range includes use of the latest Siemens 828D control, with the option of the ShopMill Advanced software package, a standard 8000 revs/min spindle with 10,0000 revs/min or 12,000 revs/min spindles as options across the range. Other generic specifications include feedrates up to 20 m/min in all axes and 12 or 20 position carousel toolchange as standard, dependant on machine size, with the option of a 24 position arm type on the two larger machines. Table capacity is 250 kg, 500 kg and 800 kg respectively.

The specification of the three machines in the range will be sufficient to cover most applications in a typical machine shop, with the XYZ 750 LR likely to be the most popular choice. This machine has axis travels of 750 mm by 440 mm by 500 mm (xyz), and is equipped as standard with an 8000 revs/min 10hp/7kW, BT40 spindle, 20 position carousel toolchanger with a maximum 100 mm diameter tool capacity.

“At XYZ we are constantly looking to maximise the performance and productivity of our customers and the XYZ LR range is just the latest step along that path. Combined with the recent introduction of the XYZ UMC-5X, gantry-type, five axis machine; along with other developments to follow later in 2017, we will continue to provide the machines that allow our customers to grow and develop their businesses,” says Nigel Atherton.

XYZ Machine Tools has over 40 XYZ LR machines in build and customers will be able to request demonstrations at any of the company’s five UK showrooms. In addition a series of open house events will be announced shortly.

Key specifications:


XYZ 500 LR

XYZ 750 LR

XYZ 1000 LR

Axis travel (xyz) mm

510 x 400 x450

750 x 440 x 500

1000 x 500 x 500

Table size (mm)

580 x 400

830 x 410

1060 x 500

Spindle to table (mm)

100 – 550

100 – 600

100 – 600

Feedrates (mm/min)

1 – 20000

1 – 20000

1 – 20000

Table load (kg)




Spindle speed (rpm)

5 – 8000 (10hp)

5 – 8000 (10 hp)

5 – 8000 (10 hp)

Spindle options (rpm)

10000 or 12000

10000 or 12000

10000 or 12000

Spindle taper

 BT40  BT40  BT40


12 position carousel

20 position carousel

20 position carousel

Toolchange options


24 position arm-type

24 position arm-type

Max tool weight (kg)




Machine weight (kg)




Footprint WxDxH (mm)

1660 x 1860 x 2300

2100 x 2150 x 2450

2530 x 2200 x 2500