XYZ Machine Tools leads the way in providing value when it comes to machine tool performance. It is now extending that lead with the introduction of its first simultaneous five-axis machining centre. The XYZ UMC-5X The Challenger has a wide range of design features that will set it apart, while adding functionality and performance at a very competitive price. While the UMC-5X is new to XYZ, it is a well-established design with more than 200 machines installed at high-tech customers in Russia, Germany, Spain, France and Italy and, more than 30 toolroom installations in Portugal alone. 

Weighing over nine tonnes, the XYZ UMC-5X is a compact, gantry-style, trunnion, design maximises the front-loading working area, while maintaining a relatively small footprint. Its construction makes use of solid meehanite castings to create a rigid platform for high-speed, precise machining of complex shapes and forms, across a wide variety of materials. Extensive use of ANSYS simulation and finite element analysis techniques also ensure maximum stability and reduced vibration even under heavy, highly dynamic, cutting conditions, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, medical, automotive and mould and die.

Performance of the XYZ UMC-5X is enhanced with a choice of spindles, ranging from 12,000/15,000 revs/min in-line direct drive variants through to high-power, high-speed, 18,000/24,000 core-cooled motorised units. All spindles are equipped with high pressure through spindle coolant. The C-axis torque-driven table is 600 mm diameter and, can take components weighing up to 600 kg, yet remains highly mobile with maximum rotational speed of 90 revs/min, this is combined with feedrates of 36m/min in X, Y and Z axes, with agility aided by the acceleration of 7 m/sec. The tilting A-axis, which has a tilt range of +/- 120 degrees, with full rotation in under 2.5 seconds, has a feedrate of 16.6 revs/min and the A and C axes also benefit from high accuracy Heidenhain RCN238 rotary linear encoders, accurate to +/- 5 arc seconds, while linear scales are standard in X Y & Z.

Control is provided by the Siemens 840DSL unit as standard or, the Heidenhain iTNC640 HSCI, both of these high-performance controls have Traori/Kinematic options and fast block processing capabilities suited to simultaneous five-axis machining, they also benefit from having Smart Machining Technology (SMT) integrated to improve machine performance. The four key elements of SMT are Tool-Tip Positioning Control (TTPC), Spindle Vibration Supervision (SVS), Metal Removal Rate Optimisation (MMRO) and Axial Accuracy Control (AAC). SVS and MRRO are optional. 

The standard Tool Tip Positioning provides monitoring of any spindle thermal growth, data collected is used to change offsets in real-time leading to improve accuracy of between 5-6 times compared to when the system isn’t employed. The optional Spindle Vibration Supervision monitors spindle condition and reacts accordingly to different levels of vibration, automatically making necessary adjustments to cutting data. The option of Metal Removal Rate Optimisation monitors the machine, cutting tool, workpiece and control to maximise cutting data, with improvements of up to 14.3 per cent in metal removal possible and surface finish improved by up to 61.5 per cent.  The other standard feature of SMT is Axial Accuracy Control, which automatically combats overall thermal growth by monitoring the machine’s temperature to overcome thermal deformation and improve accuracy.

XYZ Managing Director, Nigel Atherton, says: “We have looked long and hard to find what we feel is the right solution to five-axis machining and, in the UMC-5X, I believe XYZ Machine Tools has a machine to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers, from those just starting out in the five-axis arena, to those already well-versed in this technology. The machine is a perfect fit with our existing range in that it combines excellent value for money with extremely high specifications, which we know will make it attractive to XYZ customers.”

As with all other machines in the XYZ range there will be stock held at the company’s Burlescombe headquarters, with seven machines of differing specifications due to arrive early 2017. This initial shipment of seven machines, including five with the Siemens control and two with the Heidenhain system, will be ready for customer deliveries from March 2017. A series of launch events will be held for the XYZ UMC-5X, to register to attend please contact XYZ on 01823 674200 or e-mail sales@xyzmachinetools.

(Above & Below) UMC-5X Challenger