XYZ 1000 TMC

XYZ 1000 TMC

11 kW (15 HP) SPINDLE
1060 x 500 mm TABLE
1000 x 500 x 500 mm TRAVEL

Standard Equipment

  • ProtoTRAK® touchscreen RMX control.
  • Optimised digital servo drives.
  • Remote electronic hand wheel.
  • Flood coolant.
  • Worklight.
  • 20 Station carousel tool changer.
  • Easy clean swarf tray.
  • Steel concertina guards on all axis.
  • Powder coated guarding.
  • Pull studs.
  • USB ports.
  • Ethernet.

Optional Equipment

  • 4th axis rotary table.
  • Swarf Conveyor and bin.
  • 12,000 rpm spindle.
  • Through spindle coolant.
  • Movable electronic hand wheels for setting, manual operation and TRAKing®.
  • Side vision panels.
  • Offline RMX programming.
  • DXF convertor.
  • Parasolid convertor.
  • Coolant washdown gun.
  • Remote stop go switch.
  • Advanced features.
  • MT connect.

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Take a look at the XYZ TMC range with Nigel Atherton

Linear Rail Ball Bearing Slides

The use of linear rails on machining centres has been common for many years, as they allow users to take advantage of improvements in digital motion control and modern cutting tool performance, therefore maximising their competitiveness.

XYZ 1000 TMC making a standard machine something more versatile.

The XYZ 1000 TMC has an impressive specification offering 1000 x 500 x 500 mm axis travels, 20 station toolchanger, 8000 rpm spindle and the easy-to-use ProtoTRAK® RMX control. Where most machine shops have machining centres for production work and bed mills for one off and small batch production, the XYZ 1000 TMC offers a unique opportunity to combine the two into one unit and offer greater flexibility to the machinist. With the front located hand wheels changing from manual operation to full CNC and even using TRAKing® to run the program, never has a machine offered such a competitive advantage to the workshop.


Spindle Motor11kW (15HP)11kW (15HP)11kW (15HP)11kW (15HP)
Spindle Speeds5 - 8000 rpm (12,000 Optional)5 - 8000 RPM (12,000 Optional)5 - 8000 RPM (12,000 Optional)5 - 8000 RPM (12,000 Optional)
Spindle TaperBT40BT40BT40BT40
Pull Stud TypeMAS403 Type1MAS403 Type1MAS403 Type1MAS403 Type1
Spindle Centre to Column415mm500mm532mm750mm
Spindle to Table100mm - 550mm100mm - 600mm100mm - 600mm105 - 740 mm
Column Front to Table Centre215mm - 615mm305mm - 745mm382mm - 782mm370 - 1,030 mm
Table Size580mm X 400mm830mm X 410mm1060mm X 500mm1,600 x 660 mm
Max Table Load250Kg500Kg800Kg1,000Kg
T Slot Number & Pitch3 @125mm3 @100mm4 @ 125mm5 @ 100mm Pitch
T Slot Size16mm16mm16mm18mm
X Axis Table Travel510mm750mm1000mm1,600mm
Y Axis Table Travel400mm440mm500mm660mm
Z Vertical Travel450mm500mm500mm635mm
Ballscrew (Grade C3)28mm Dia P832mm Dia P832mm Dia P840mm Dia P12
AC Servo motor sizeX and Y 5Nm, Z 10NmX and Y 5Nm, Z 10NmX and Y 5Nm, Z 10NmX and Y 10Nm, Z 15Nm
Rapid Feed XYZ axis20M/min20M/min20M/min20M/min
Cutting Feed Rates1-20000mm/min1-20000mm/min1-20000mm/min1-20000mm/min
Toolchanger12 Station Carousel20 Station Carousel20 Station Carousel20 Station Carousel
Tool Change Time8 secs8 secs8 secs8 secs
Max Tool Diameter100mm80mm80mm80mm
Max Tool Weight6Kg7Kg7Kg8Kg
Coolant Tank Capacity105L125L160L160L
Slideway TypeLinear Rail Ball BearingLinear Rail Ball BearingLinear Rail Ball BearingLinear Rail Ball Bearing
Footprint (without travels)1,660mm X 1,860mm X 2,300mm2,100mm X 2,150mm X 2,450mm2,530mm X 2,200mm X 2,500mm4,000 x 2,650 x 3,000 mm
Working Height (without riser blocks)2200mm2645mm2700mm3,200mm
Machine Weight2,400Kg3,500Kg4,600Kg6,500Kg
Power Requirements43A44A46A53A
Air Requirements5.5 bar6 bar (220 L/min)6 bar (220 L/min)6 bar (220 L/min)
 XYZ 1000 TMC
Spindle Motor11kW (15HP)
Spindle Speeds5 - 8000 RPM (12,000 Optional)
Spindle TaperBT40
Pull Stud TypeMAS403 Type1
Spindle Centre to Column532mm
Spindle to Table100mm - 600mm
Column Front to Table Centre382mm - 782mm
Table Size1060mm X 500mm
Max Table Load800Kg
T Slot Number & Pitch4 @ 125mm
T Slot Size16mm
X Axis Table Travel1000mm
Y Axis Table Travel500mm
Z Vertical Travel500mm
Ballscrew (Grade C3)32mm Dia P8
AC Servo motor sizeX and Y 5Nm, Z 10Nm
Rapid Feed XYZ axis20M/min
Cutting Feed Rates1-20000mm/min
Toolchanger20 Station Carousel
Tool Change Time8 secs
Max Tool Diameter80mm
Max Tool Weight7Kg
Coolant Tank Capacity160L
Slideway TypeLinear Rail Ball Bearing
Footprint (without travels)2,530mm X 2,200mm X 2,500mm
Working Height (without riser blocks)2700mm
Machine Weight4,600Kg
Power Requirements46A
Air Requirements6 bar (220 L/min)