Super Deduction Scheme

The time has never been better to invest in new machine tools thanks to the Government introducing the Super Deduction Scheme. This scheme enables corporation tax to be offset against any new capital investment. In straightforward terms, a company can claim 130% against its tax bill, so if it makes £130,000 profit and invested £100,000 in new machine tools, it would pay zero tax. Smaller investments are just as advantageous with a £50,000 investment in an XYZ Machine Tool relating to a £65,000 value to claim against corporation tax.

Tax issues should always be discussed with a qualified accountant, as individual circumstances can vary.

XYZ Price Promise

We believe above all in fairness and treating customers as we would like to be treated. You can rest assured that the price you pay is the price every company pays…Big, Small, New or Regular – every customer pays the same.

Our price negotiation policy is simple and straightforward. XYZ promises that everyone gets our best price, automatically, every time.

Nigel Atherton
Managing Director