Rexim, based in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, has been a distributor of the XYZ Machine tools range for around eight years. Over this time Executive Director, Ing. Milan Švarc has developed a great understanding of why the XYZ machines, particularly the ProtoTRAK controlled lathes and Mills have proved to be so popular.

“Customers in the Czech Republic expect good value for money and in the XYZ ProtoTRAK range that is exactly what they get, sturdy, well-built (solid cast iron construction) machines that are both reliable and benefit from the unique ProtoTRAK control. This control system is central to any discussions we have with customers. Once they have seen the ease of use and versatility of the system the sale becomes much easier.”

Rexim promoting its attendance at the BRNO Show

What customers also get from the XYZ range is a well-balanced portfolio of machines covering most applications from small to large components and, from one-off to batch production. “Our sales cover all of the range and customers choose the machine to suit their production needs and the available space. They are reassured by the fact that whichever machine they choose, whatever its capacity, it will be equally as good and reliable as any other in the range. The ability to provide support for customers to maximise the benefits of the XYZ Service Contracts and keep machines in peak operating condition is important. Therefore, any distributor should commit to investing in its own systems and servicing infrastructure by employing in-house technicians to maintain these contracts and provide customer service to maximise the advantages that XYZ and ProtoTRAK brings. If you invest, the rewards will be there.”

While the bulk of Rexim’s customers, which can be classed as medium sized, it also deals with the full spectrum of businesses, from small through to large, with many supplying the major automotive companies operating in the Czech Republic such as Skoda and Toyota. Its XYZ customers are not limited to sub-contractors, though, as Rexim is also supplying machines direct to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). “The ability to supply such a diverse range of customers is due to the usability of the ProtoTRAK control system, which is a big advantage to users across the customer spectrum.”

Rexim promoting its attendance at the BRNO Show

Being a distributor for XYZ Machine Tools has been a positive experience for Rexim and Milan has this advice for any other Europe-based distributors looking to expand by adding XYZ machines to their portfolio. “There is no doubt the XYZ products are very good, and they offer excellent growth potential. Before we took on the agency we researched the market and identified that the Czech Republic was at the right stage for developing the market for the ProtoTRAK products. Ideally you need a market with a reliance on manual machines that can be superceded by ProtoTRAK; customers that want to improve productivity, and a shortage of skilled labour, where ProtoTRAK can offer significant advantages thanks to its ease of use.

“Rexim is a fantastic success story for XYZ Machine Tools in Europe, they are our leading distributor and in the last calendar year alone have sold over 45 XYZ machines valued at over €2 million. Milan and his team have fully understood the advantages that working with XYZ can bring, with the ProtoTRAK control system being a major advantage when customers choose to upgrade from manual machines to CNC,” says Howard Bamforth, Export Sales Director, XYZ Machine Tools.