ProtoTRAK DXF Converter Option

Current versions in this release:

DXF 2.0

The DXF Converter Option must be activated prior to use. Contact XYZ Machine Tools for activation information. 

Note:  Downloaded software must be extracted and decompressed before it is installed in the ProtoTRAK.

Please review all of the following instructions.   

Download Instructions
(For Windows 95 or above.)

  1. Right click on the Download Now Button.
  2. In the selection window, select Save.
    Note: If you Open or Run instead of Save, the program will attempt to write to your floppy drive as described in Extraction Step 3 listed below – this is not recommended.
  3. Choose a location to save the file. You may want to create a directory called “ProtoTRAK Downloads” or save the file to your Desktop.
  4. After the download completes, you will have the software saved on your hard drive. Close the download window if it is still open.
  5. The software you have just downloaded is compressed to make it easy to download. See the instructions below “Extracting and installing the software on your ProtoTRAK”  to finish the process. 

PT4DXF2_0.exe     1,257KB

Download Now

Extracting and installing the software update on your ProtoTRAK or Offline System

  1. Place a formatted, blank floppy disk into your floppy drive (Drive A).
  2. Use Windows Explorer and go to the software you have downloaded on your hard drive or locate the icon saved on your Desktop.
  3. Double click the file PT4DXF2_0.exe. This will cause the software to automatically copy the correct files to the floppy disk you put into Drive A.
  4. Insert the floppy in the ProtoTRAK control or the Offline systems’ floppy drive.
  5. Press the Windows or SYS key (Alt+W on Offline) to get to selection screen.
  6. Press Update Options. This will start the update process and will take a moment or so. After the update is finished, the ProtoTRAK screen will show the same image you see when you first open it.
  7. Remove the floppy from the floppy drive.
  8. You can verify that the software was properly installed by checking the software version in the service codes. To do this, press the following: Mode, Set Up, Serv Codes, Code #, 33, Enter. You should see the same version number as above.