XYZ Robo-Tend

Price on request

The XYZ Robo-Tend will fit most makes of machine tools, and can be in production within hours of delivery.

  • Minimise labour costs.
  • Works 24/7 without holidays, tea, chatting or comfort breaks.
  • Finance from less than £2 per hour.
  • Payback can be just a few months if purchased outright.
  • British designed and built by Adelphi.
  • Kuka Cybertech Robot as standard.
  • Vision system.
  • Modular system cabinet or conveyor feed.
  • Quick and easy change from one machine to another with conversational set up.
  • Operates with machining or turning centre.

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Product Description

A fully integrated loading and tending system for both Milling and Turning. Wheel in blank billets, wheel out the finished batch.

Download the Robo-Tend Brochure for more details.