XYZ Compact Turn 65 LTY

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This is the XYZ Compact Turn 65 but with Live Tooling and a Y axis with a longer Z axis travel.

  • 23HP / 17kW SPINDLE
  • 200 mm CHUCK
  • 65 mm BAR CAPACITY
  • 4500 rpm SPINDLE

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Product Description

The smallest Y axis turning centre in the XYZ range offers great production capabilities from a very small footprint.

The CT 65 LTY is a perfectly sized, yet solidly built, versatile turning centre that makes the most of the smallest of shopfloor spaces. Standard equipment, not normally found on machines of this type, include hydraulic chuck, 12-station VDI turret, Renishaw tool setting, swarf conveyor and tailstock. The latest in conversational control technology from Siemens the 828D ShopTurn, makes the machine ideal for experienced and novice CNC users alike.

  • Siemens 828D ShopTurn Control
  • Hydraulic 200mm 3 Jaw Chuck. Sauter ‘German’ VDI Turret
  • Parts Catcher
  • Through Tool and Flood Coolant. Remote Electronic Handwheel
  • USB Port
  • Compact Flash Card Slot. Networking
  • Renishaw Automatic Tool Setting Arm
  • Swarf Conveyor & Bin
  • Programable Hydraulic Tailstock
  • Collet Chuck
  • Bar Puller
  • Barfeed Units
  • Offline Programing
  • Factory Networking
Power chuck diameter200 mm
Maximum swing400 mm
Swing over carriage cover400 mm
Maximum turned diameter220 mm
Maximum turned length490 mm
X axis travel220 mm
Y axis travel+/- 35mm (70mm)
Z axis travel500 mm
Spindle centre height from floor1150 mm
Spindle noseA2-6
Spindle bore76 mm
Bar capacity65 mm
Spindle front bearing internal dia100 mm
Max spindle speed4500 rpm
Spindle motor 23HP / 17kW
Min spindle speed for full power1500 rpm
X & Z axis rapid traverse rate20 m/min
X axis slideway configurationHardened Box Way
Z axis slideway configurationHardened Box Way
Ballscrew diameter (X & Z)32/40 mm
Servo motors (X,Z & turret)8/11Nm
Turret12 Station 30VDI
Live Tool max rpm4500 rpm
Turning tool shank dimensions20 x 20 mm
Max. boring bar diameter32 mm
Tail stock quill taperMT 4
Quill diameter and travel60 x 90 mm
Max. quill thrust800 kg
Coolant tank capacity80L
Coolant pump delivery30 l/min @ 0.8 Bar
Machine weight4400 kg
Footprint W x D x H approx3345 x 1800 x 1930 mm inc

Live Tooling C axis

XYZ Compact Turn 52 LTY travel

No. of Stations12. all live
Max rpm4500 rpm
Power 40% rating4 Kw
‘C’ axis resolution0.001°


The ‘Y’ axis of the XYZ COMPACT TURN 65 LTY can travel 35mm above and below centreline (70mm total travel) making easy work of most components that would normally require milling and turning operations.

Siemens 828D ShopTurn Control

Siemens 828D Control

Introducing Siemens and the ‘JobShop Concept’.  As an experienced machinist you instinctively know the machining stages you will need to go through to make any given component. It’s these stages that form the basis of the ‘JobShop Concept’. Using easy to understand ‘prompts’ the control helps you to create a ‘work plan’ of the machining stages in just the same way and the control does all the coding in the background. Simply watch it all unfold on the 15.6” touch screen in plan, 3 planes or full 3D, switching views as you go.