As a relative newcomer to the XYZ family of European Distributors, Crispyn Machines based in Maldegem, Belgium, is well-placed to highlight the benefits it sees of XYZ’s range of machines and control systems on offer. In charge of XYZ sales in Belgium is Jan Crispyn and he gives his thoughts on why XYZ is proving so popular.


“While we have known about XYZ since 2007, we have only been a distributor for just over a year. Prior to that we had concentrated on conventional, manual, machines imported from

Bulgaria, China and Taiwan. On the back of this business we knew there were opportunities to get into CNC and with XYZ we recognised three important things, these being: The service and know-how from XYZ; The unique ProtoTRAK control that fits perfectly with our customer base; and the constant quality and stock from XYZ, gives us peace of mind.

Focusing on the ProtoTRAK control Jan Crispyn is enthusiastic in his praise. “As XYZ is my main focus it is always a pleasure to see the reaction I get when I demonstrate ProtoTRAK. In a blink of an eye they recognise its potential and it is rare that I have to say anything more to them, the control sells itself. Once they have one, they often return quickly for another.” An example of this is one customer who recently purchased an SMX 5000 bed mill. The intention was for this machine simply to be back-up for a VMC that they had, but within a month of the SMX being installed they were finding it to be easier to operate and they were getting the job done quicker, they have now come back to buy a second SMX. This is a familiar story.

The Crispyn Machines’ showroom has a variety of XYZ machines on display

In line with XYZ’s UK policy Crispyn gives customers detailed training and the best possible service that it can provide. “Each customer gets at least one-full day training with all the ProtoTRAK documents translated into our language and into Dutch. In addition they also receive telephone support and follow up visits to ensure everything is as they expect it to be. Ongoing training can also be provided, free of charge, if required as by doing this we definitely generate goodwill and additional sales. In our first year we expected to sell 2-4 machines, the reality was that we sold 22.”

Crispyn Machines’ customer base have shown great enthusiasm for the XYZ range of machines, particularly the ProtoTRAK controlled bed mills and lathes

Crispyn’s customer base is varied ranging from small prototyping business, through manufacturers of electric motors, industrial brushes fabricators and the education sector. The biggest interest from them as far as the XYZ range is concerned is for the SMX bed mills and SLX ProTURN lathes, with the SMX 3500 and SMX 5000 mills and SLX 1630 and SLX 425 ProTURN lathes generating particular interest. As XYZ Machine Tools looks to further expand its European distributor network what words of advice would Jan give to anyone looking to take on the role? “Be dedicated to the project, invest time in learning the product as by doing that you automatically become infected with enthusiasm for it, as will your customers. Also, focus your efforts, if you have many salesmen, don’t try and make them all experts straight away, make a choice as to who will be the XYZ specialist and ensure he/she is fully trained. Finally, make sure you provide the service and support in terms of training for customers, you will be rewarded with their business.”